In a $250 K Business Deal Intended to Honor Teresa’s Late Father, Joe Gorga Claims that Louie, Teresa’s Fiance, “Screwed Me”

Despite the ongoing conflict between the Giudice and Gorga families, Louie Ruelas made an effort to reconcile with Melissa Gorga, even if it meant humiliating his future wife: “Teresa, you’re coming over here and destroying a moment.”

The precise details of what transpired between Joe Gorga and sister Teresa Giudice’s fiancé Luis “Louie” Ruelas are now being revealed by Joe Gorga.

Throughout season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe has been outspoken about his dislike for Louie. He has done everything from calling him a “bad seed” behind his back to erupting at him on “Guy’s Night” after he found out his mother-in-law was not invited to the wedding.

But, Joe, 43, disclosed the botched business deal that finally soured him to Louie in Tuesday night’s episode, which was shot before Louie and Teresa were married.

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Before going into the specifics of the incident, Joe remarked in a confessional, “I don’t want to bury my sister, but if she’s talking about it, I can’t lie.”

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RHONJ: Joe Gorga Claims Louie Ruelas 'Screwed Me' in Business Deal

“I said, “It’s my idea, my sister and I will run it, and we’ll commemorate my father by calling it Nonno’s Pizza,” to Louie. He admired it, “In order to memorialize Giacinto Gorga, the late father of Joe and Teresa, Joe described his idea for a pizza oven.

Three years after his wife Antonia Gorga’s passing at age 66 from pneumonia, Giacinto passed away in April 2020. The commercial collaboration, however, was never really successful.

Over breakfast, Joe revealed to Jennifer Fessler, Margaret Josephs, and her husband Joe Benigno that “[Louie] screwed me in a second.” Jackie Goldschneider and her husband Evan were also there.

Joe confessed in a private moment: “He got involved thanks to my nephew. Louie places the order for these ovens and pays for them. I estimate that I will give my sister 50% and that he will receive 50%. Thereafter, my nephew visits me and asks, “Did you see the boxes were ordered?” What boxes? I ask. He then states, “Your sister had a picture session with her and the girls, and they called it Skinny Pizza or something.”

Joe said, “When I find out, I phone him, and that’s when Louie begins giving me some lip. “Suddenly, my sister asks, “Did you put the f—-ing money up?” I ask, “What?” Do you really believe I couldn’t put up $200,000? It was my f—-ing idea, I exclaim.”

Joe said as Melissa Gorga began to sob in front of the table, “It became extremely nasty.” “This is why you shouldn’t conduct business with relatives, my sister was saying. Bulls—-. If you approach the transaction with trust and don’t want to take advantage of anyone, you can conduct business with anyone.”

Then Melissa, 44, spoke to her sister-in-group, law’s saying, “She seems to be so egotistical that she is unable to contribute. The bottom line is that. The entire situation makes me feel horrible for [Joe]. I regret that it has come to this for everyone.”

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RHONJ: Joe Gorga Claims Louie Ruelas 'Screwed Me' in Business Deal

Melissa said in a private moment: “We had such high hopes for our new chapter with them. They snatched it from me, he said. It made me feel quite sad since I believe this man is alone.” Teresa, 50, was sure to share her version of events, which contrasted sharply with Joe’s memory.

“When my brother suggested building a pizza oven, he said, “I want to do it with my sister,” and Louie said, “Fine.” After speaking with our attorney, he shelled up $250K but said, “Alright, what percentage should I give Joey?” Terri remembered. “When they came up with 5%, my brother lost his mind. He wants fifty percent. So I contacted my brother and asked him, “What are you doing, he put out all the money?” Put half in if you want half, please. He didn’t want to, either.”

The business venture ultimately failed, and Teresa said that “Louie absorbed the loss.” Teresa informed Jennifer and Bill Aydin, Danielle Cabral, and her husband Nate, as well as her fiancé, “My fiancé lost a quarter of a million dollars.”

Later in the episode, the wives and their husbands reassembled for another party at Rachel Fuda’s beach home, and Louie used the occasion to make an effort to mend fences with Melissa.

When he stated this, he said, “I want to hold your hand.” This wedding was lovely, but it also seemed explosive at times, and your mother has been nothing but kind, sweet, and kind to me and my boys.

Melissa said to Louie that “she was fixated on you.” Teresa was announcing to Jennifer Fessler that “there is enmity among the entire family” at a separate table at the same time. She moved on to approach the table where Melissa and Louie were seated.

“Okay, what’s happening? What is the issue? “It was her. You claimed you had problems with my mom or whatever, and I was offended by that,” Melissa remarked. Nevertheless, Louie intervened before Teresa really got a chance to speak.

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RHONJ: Joe Gorga Claims Louie Ruelas 'Screwed Me' in Business Deal

“Teresa, you’re interrupting a conversation between Melissa and Myself by coming over here. Please respect our personal space “said he. “I couldn’t care less if God spoke to you directly. Teresa, it makes no difference what anyone says. You must show respect for the fact that I am speaking to your sister-in-law here.”

Even though Louie appeared to be acting in Melissa’s defense with good intentions, Melissa wasn’t so readily persuaded. She confessed in a confessional, “Sometimes I believe it’s the man he wants to be, but then there’s the guy he actually is.

In the end, Teresa took her fiancés for advice and left, and Louie later apologized to Melissa. “I apologize. That isn’t what I want to happen.

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That is nonsense “said he. Joseph was the subsequent family member to contribute to the discussion.

About Joe’s discomfort when he sat down, Louie remarked, “I suppose there’s a lot of hurt going around. “And please remember that Teresa is hurting too, even though we are getting married in 31 days. I desire harmony.”

Teresa kept whining about her brother over at the high-top table where the other women were gathering. She responded, “My brother needs counseling because he continues blaming me.”

Jackie made an attempt to correct Teresa after she said Melissa “had daddy issues” and even went so far as to admit it. Jackie was yelled at by Teresa, who scolded her to “Shut the f—- up, get out of my f—-ing face.”

When Louie was left alone with only Joe, he said the now-famous phrase about wearing pajamas. He said to Joe, “I live with your four nieces.” Do you know that I put on your father’s pajamas at night to give them a sense of security and love?”

Teresa quickly entered the conversation as Joe’s expression turned blank in response. “Joe, you know I would have welcomed Donna straight immediately if you had phoned and ordered me to. Why did you not act upon that?” It was her.

When Teresa failed to include Melissa as a bridesmaid in their wedding, Joe demanded he contacts Teresa’s daughters, Gia, and Louie. But, Teresa did not make things right then either. “I’m furious with you. I’m furious, “said he.

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Teresa said, “I just felt like you and Melissa should have had my back more,” bringing to the previous year’s events when Margaret had been talking negatively about Louie behind Teresa’s back.

Melissa offered a counterargument to Teresa’s claim when she rejoined the “kumbaya”: Teresa never defended Joe when Jennifer Aydin disparaged him. Joe tried to convince Teresa of her seeming hypocrisy by saying, “You’re not understanding how you are.

Melissa replied matter-of-factly as Teresa walked away, “I show her incorrect every time and she gets so upset.” “Can you repair it, baby? Repair it!” Louie was shouted at by Teresa as she left. “It’s your brother, this! Shame on you for not wanting to solve it!” After that, Melissa made a call.

After that, Teresa took to her heels and began arguing with her brother over who is actually “happier” in life. “See a therapist. You ought to, “Teresa finished. For perhaps then we could all be happy together.

Joe had to ask Louie to relocate his car so that Melissa could reverse out of it when he and Melissa left the party. As Joe saw Margaret seated next to Teresa and Louie, he immediately lost his cool. “Stop, stop, stop; it isn’t worth it!” Joe was restrained by Louie’s insistence.

Margaret was attempting to persuade Teresa that Melissa really did want to mend their relationship. Teresa said again, “No she doesn’t. And I can assure you that they are unhappy because, if Melissa were a decent person, she would try to make things better for my brother and I.