Rhonj: Melissa Attends Teresa’s “Love Bubble” Party Alone Before Leaving in Tears as Teresa Makes a “Chosen Family” Jab

After admitting he “doesn’t feel welcome in [Teresa’s] new life” after she started dating Louie Ruelas on this week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga completely skipped the event.

Because of the ongoing conflict between her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In the episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that aired on Tuesday night, Melissa, 43, went to Teresa’s “Love Bubble” party by herself after Joe informed her he would no longer be joining them.

“I really can’t go tonight, listen.

Really, I’m not prepared to come. I really really don’t want to go “As his wife, Joe, 43, was getting ready for the party, he informed her through FaceTime.

Joe’s presence had been in doubt up until that point; he had earlier in the episode informed Teresa, 50, that he wasn’t sure if he was going to go or not after Teresa phoned him at Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ request.

Do you wish to establish peace? After Louie, who wanted the siblings to reconcile, wrote Teresa’s query down in a notepad and pushed it across for her to read, Teresa called Joe and inquired. “Sure, peace. Done. Finito, “Joe said.

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'RHONJ' : Melissa Attends Teresa's 'Love Bubble' Party Solo — Then Flees in Tears After 'Chosen Family' Jab

I’m delighted to hear that, Alright,” a shocked Teresa said. She then inquired as to Joe’s attendance at her housewarming celebration (A.K.A., the “Love Bubble” party that she was throwing with Louie).

Joe said, “I don’t know. Teresa was shocked to hear her siblings say “I love you” before hanging up the phone.

She told Louie, “I can’t believe he said ‘I love you,'” and he responded that he was proud of her for phoning Joe and acting in a “scary” way. But, Joe finally decided not to go to the Love Bubble party when the time came.

In a confessional, he stated, “I feel like she genuinely doesn’t want me there, I feel like it’s just a game and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. “The worst sensation is entering your own family’s house and feeling uneasy. It’s awful, man. I’m done with that. I cannot pretend.”

To Melissa, he continued: “We will never have what I imagined we would, and I simply need to accept it. My sister follows her own happiness. She seated us at a different table and didn’t invite you to the wedding. She does this to keep her family away from her, and that makes her happy.

We’ll be just fine. I’m just going to relax at home and take care of my business while you go out and have fun.”

Melissa went regardless of Joe’s absence, but she was still saddened by his choice. Melissa said in a confessional, “I’m sort of annoyed that Joe isn’t coming because this is just going to be the next thing Teresa picks to hold over his head.” “[Teresa] will paint him as the villain for not showing up.”

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'RHONJ' : Melissa Attends Teresa's 'Love Bubble' Party Solo — Then Flees in Tears After 'Chosen Family' Jab

As she continued, “I do want to maintain harmony within the family, so at least there’s someone there demonstrating [that] we do wish you guys happy.”

As the celebration began, Teresa revealed to her kids and Louie that she too was disappointed by Joe’s choice “He’s missing significant events in our lives. I really wanted him to be here.”

She continued, in her own confessional: “After no came no, then no, then no. You can appear for an hour and present yourself. You are my sibling.”

When the party started, Melissa took it in turns, first having to sit through an awkward talk with Teresa’s kids — “I know that the girls detest us, but deep down I really do love them. It’s dreadful,” she said in a confessional, having to endure Teresa toasting her “chosen family” thereafter “despite being aware that Joe was not present.

Unintentionally or not, Melissa’s jibe caused her to become upset, and she excused herself to the restroom.

She admitted in a confessional, “I try to be tougher for Joe at times, but I have my own breaking moments. “I’m simply not getting it. These subliminal jabs. like, today, her “chosen family”? What about everyone who has been a part of this place for a long time while she was gone? I was the one who pulled up to her house while driving the girls to the dance, but it doesn’t matter.

And I can see that Joe is angry at home.”

The other women quickly got into their own confrontations as Melissa was in the toilet attempting to gather herself.

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'RHONJ' : Melissa Attends Teresa's 'Love Bubble' Party Solo — Then Flees in Tears After 'Chosen Family' Jab

Jackie Goldschneider, a friend of the housewives, and Danielle Cabral got into it because of a past encounter at Dolores’ house, and they just don’t get along.

Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin got into a fight as well, reliving their conflict after Margaret learned that Jennifer had contacted a friend to disparage her, Jennifer Fessler.

Rachel Fuda then joined the argument when Jennifer Aydin’s propensity for gossiping about others came up. She said that Jennifer Aydin had contacted her after the mozzarella party to “talk s—t” about Dolores. A protective Rachel was swiftly called out by Jennifer Aydin for her “bad nose job.”

In a confessional, Rachel admitted, “I could give two s—-s about anything that truly comes out of Jennifer Aydin’s lips.” Before things could worsen, Rachel said Teresa farewell, gathered her husband John and left the gathering.

Rachel said, “You have to give someone the authority over you, and Jennifer Aydin will never have that over me, honey.