Melissa Refers to It as “Convenient” that Teresa’s Wedding “Vision” Did Not Include Her as A Bridesmaid on “RHONJ”

When the bride-to-be chose to add Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania to her bridal party after “meditating” on it, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice hit another rocky patch. Melissa The bride is here, and neither of the two new bridesmaids, who are not Melissa Gorga, is Melissa Gorga.

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Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania informed their friends that Teresa Giudice had invited them to participate in her bridal party on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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As Dolores and Jennifer were gathering the women for their Turkish coffee ground reading party at Paulie Connell’s home, Jennifer said, “Well, I and Dolores have some news.”

Aside from the fact that you lied, what else? The pair’s ceasefire was joked about by Margaret Josephs earlier in the program.

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RHONJ: Melissa Says Teresa Excluding Her from Bridal Party 'Convenient'

Dolores began to speak, but Jennifer interrupted her because she was overly excited, “I mean, you know Teresa has COVID and she’s not coming [to Paulie’s], but she called when we were together and said that while she was meditating about her wedding, she pictured Jennifer and me being in the wedding—”

Thus, we are bridesmaids. Jennifer spoke out loud. As soon as the camera swung to Melissa, she remained silent for a time and just narrowed her eyes in the direction of the group of ladies. Melissa finally replied, “You weren’t even at her engagement party,” to Dolores. But I don’t care,” Dolores said.

“I know you don’t give a damn, but what happened to me?” Melissa enquired. She claimed to have had a vision in which she saw Jennifer and me serving as bridesmaids, Jennifer added. Melissa, though, didn’t seem to be interested in what Teresa or Jennifer were offering.

“Not even invited to the engagement reception was Dolores. Why? Dina [Manzo] being who she was “Melissa gave a candid explanation. “Here we have Dina’s boyfriend and Louie [Ruelas], who are no longer friends because of a business disagreement. All of a sudden, it’s like, “Dolores, I was meditating.” That period of meditation was really practical.”

Before the coffee reading started, Dolores recommended they all “take a break” and eat something in an effort to defuse the situation before it got out of hand.

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Dolores inquired whether anybody was interested in traveling to Ireland, where Paulie brought her for Valentine’s Day, and where she now wants to take Teresa before the wedding, as everyone was seated at the table.

The women all concurred. How did the reading session on coffee grounds truly go? The psychic, Angie, started by looking at each of the women’s cups individually.

Dolores was the first, and hers foretold the impending “ring on her finger.” The next person was Rachel Fuda, who held up her cup to reveal a “V for victory,” which she read as a triumph in the adoption of her stepson Jaiden.

Jennifer Fessler couldn’t help but roll her eyes and giggle as she read Margaret’s cup, which was all about a childhood friend beginning with “the letter L” stabbing her in the back. Jennifer realized that Margaret was definitely referring to her former best friend Laura.

Jennifer Aydin’s reading was equally amusing since Angie predicted that Jennifer would receive several “endorsements” in the future. Together, the women struggled to maintain composure at the table and in their confessionals.

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RHONJ: Melissa Says Teresa Excluding Her from Bridal Party 'Convenient'

(The use of the word “endorsement” gave the impression to ladies like Jennifer that Angie the psychic had been pulled aside beforehand and told what to say.

Lastly, Danielle Cabral read a piece on the ongoing conflict she has with her brother, and Angie predicted that eventually, his resentment will fade.

As the ladies forced Danielle to leave Rachel’s shore party in last week’s episode, she cried immediately and told the group about her family’s condition.

“I can relate to how that feels when someone is focusing on family. Don’t be nosy, “When Melissa defended Danielle in front of the table in real-time, she remarked in a confessional. “Can we all agree to end it there? It’s okay, we’ll pay attention to you “Danielle was told by her.