Richard Hammond Revealed “All-Out War” During a Recent Grand Tour Episode!

Richard Hammond has claimed that he and co-host Jeremy Clarkson had an “All-out conflict” during the current filming of The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, which was broadcast on Prime Video last week.

It’s not surprising given that Clarkson, Hammond, and James May have been on our screens since the early 2000s. The trio first appeared on Top Gear before moving from the BBC to Amazon with The Grand Tour. Since the departure of Top Gear, we’ve also seen the hosts launch their own series, such as Clarkson’s Farm and James May: Our Man in Japan.

In a recent interview, Hammond was asked if the three hosts fought frequently while filming. He elaborated:

“Oh my God, it’s never-ending!” We did get a little squabbly over navigation since when you can’t see and wake up to find you’re not where you thought you were, that’s cause for an argument.

“Also, the fighting and rivalry have increased slightly because James was temporarily crippled owing to rank ignorance and forgetting where the brake pedal is. Jeremy and I basically went all-out war on each other, which was tremendous fun!”

Richard Hammond Revealed "All-Out War" During a Recent Grand Tour Episode!

The chemistry between the three hosts has always been one of the series’ most popular parts, notably their bickering. Hammond went on:

“The amazing thing about our disputes and physical pranks on each other is that anytime one of us does something nasty to one of the others, your first thinking, if it’s you, is always: ‘Yeah well fair enough, I’d have done the same to you if I’d had the chance!'”