‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6, Episode 3 Explained: The Wine Cabinet Ending!

Rick and Morty are always about pushing the boundaries, and the latest season 6 episode, Benthic Twinstinct, did just that. Space Beth and Beth spend some quality time together, completely immersed in the concept of self-exploration. What about the rest of the family? They are preoccupied with the concept of avoiding.

It all plays out in unforeseen ways until Rick once again proves that he’s always one step ahead of everyone else. Let’s talk about that final scene with the wine decanter in the spoiler-filled section below.

What Happens to Rick’s Venusian Wine?

Space Beth, Beth, and Jerry reconcile their differences in an unexpectedly kind manner. Beth jumps into her spaceship and takes off. Jerry states, “This weekend, it appears that we all learned a valuable lesson. At least, I believe I did.”

Rick’s reaction? “Jerry, I’m with you. Me too.”

Rick then returns to the kitchen sink to retrieve the exquisite crimson Venusian (from Venus) wine decanter. He takes a remote from his pocket and flicks it to expose a secret alien cabinet hidden inside the window. It’s filled with numerous items, including what appears to be a big phial containing a miniature Morty. Rick inserts the decanter and closes the cabinet before tossing the remote into the garbage disposal machine and crushing it up.

'Rick and Morty' Season 6, Episode 3 Explained: The Wine Cabinet Ending!

What Was Rick Thinking when He Destroyed the Remote to The Concealed Cabinet?

Space Before they fell in love, Beth and Beth enjoyed the Venusian wine.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Venus is a Roman deity who was “Associated by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.” The Venusian wine could be a love potion. Rick smashing the remote and therefore removing access to the wine suggests Rick believed the wine intensified Space Beth and Beth’s fondness for each other, causing them to fall in love.

When Rick says he also learned a lesson, he appears to be alluding to the lesson of not letting the Venusian wine get into the hands of anyone else again, especially on Thanksgiving.

Other Hypotheses

It’s time to speculate on who owned the wine originally and why it was on offer at the Smith’s Thanksgiving.

Morty installs a GamePod XL gaming device on the family TV at the start of the episode. Space Beth gave him the “most realistic video game console ever.” Space Beth may have also sent Venusian wine as a gift. She clearly seemed to know something about it.

Space Beth, like Beth, admits to feeling “Insecure trying to pronounce this garbage,” referring to the pronunciation of “Venusian.” She already has a solution: Venusian, a gadget put through the neck that allows the user to speak French (according to Space Beth). In a nutshell, it looks like Space Beth is acquainted with Venus and possibly the wine.

This shows she is aware of the wine’s consequences. Space At the start of the episode, Beth, Beth, Jerry, and Rick all sip red wine. Jerry delivers an unexpected statement in which he threatens to commit suicide if Beth ever cheats on him.

One bleak interpretation: Beth attempted to murder Jerry by enticing him with booze and leading him to suicide.

On the other hand, the wine could have been designed to bring the family closer together for Thanksgiving.
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Perhaps Rick supplied it unaware of how potent a love drug it would be.
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He appears to tolerate Beth and Space Beth’s relationship but cautions Beth not to keep too many secrets about it.

Rick may have learned that alcohol is a far too deadly love drug that can lead to an unusual relationship between his son-in-law, daughter, and space daughter.

He may also have learned how to block access to the Venusian wine, preventing Space Beth from obtaining it.