Ricky Martin Faces Jail for Incest and Dv Charges Made by Nephew!

Ricky Martin Faces Jail for Incest and Dv Charges Made by Nephew!

According to Marty Singer, Ricky Martin’s lawyer, TMZ “Sadly, the person who made this accusation is battling serious mental health issues. It goes without saying that Ricky Martin has never had and will never have a romantic or sexual relationship with his nephew.”

According to Rick’s agent “The notion is not only false but also repulsive. We all pray that this man receives the assistance he so desperately needs. However, we most eagerly anticipate that this horrible case will be thrown out as soon as the court has a chance to review the evidence.”

Ricky was sighted Friday in Los Angeles on the “Mrs. American Pie” shoot.

The pop musician is reportedly facing the prospect of spending the next 50 years in prison because the woman who has accused him of domestic violence is a member of his own family.

Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, Ricky’s 21-year-old nephew, has been named as the complainant in a new article published on Friday by the Spanish news website Marca. If true, this would bring incest into the Puerto Rican case.

Ricky will appear in court on July 21. According to reports, the singer’s brother, Eric Martin, has named the claimed victim. It is unknown what charges Martin will face, but under Puerto Rican law, many sexual crimes carry heavier punishment when the alleged victim is related to the accused.

Martin, though, may spend as much as 50 years in prison if found guilty, according to Marca.

As we previously mentioned, Ricky has been accused of domestic abuse. The claimed victim, whose identity was previously unknown, obtained a temporary restraining order against Ricky, who has refuted the accusations.

Now, Marca is reporting that the nephew supposedly broke off their seven-month romance. According to reports, Ricky did not take it well and kept calling and visiting his nephew.

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