Ringo Starr Cancels Concert Due to Sudden Illness!

Sir Richard Starkey, better known as Ringo Starr, is a British singer-songwriter and drummer who was forced to cancel a concert with his band, All-Starr, due to illness.

Mirror.co.uk says that the band’s New Buffalo, Michigan show was scheduled for just a few hours after the cancellation was made public. The 82-year-sickness-old is not related to Covid-19, according to a band representative, however, they did not confirm his diagnosis.

Mirror.co.uk adds that his mysterious sickness has caused his voice to change. A concertgoer apparently approached the Four Winds Casino’s management and inquired about the postponement to TMZ. They were just given the vague knowledge that Ringo was sick.

Ringo Starr Cancels Concert Due to Sudden Illness!

Early in July, Ringo celebrated his 82nd birthday with his traditional Peace and Love party.

Through the end of June in Florida, he and his band completed the first leg of their Spring Tour 2022, proving that he has had a very active year.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, the trip has been pushed back until 2020.

On October 20 in Mexico City, they’ll wrap out the second leg of their tour.