‘RIP Cartoon Network’ After Merger Warner Bros. Trending on Twitter

After Warner Bros. made the announcement on Tuesday about its much-discussed merger, fans began trending ‘RIP Cartoon Network’ on Twitter, a tribute to the beloved children’s network that was a staple of childhood in the ’90s. But there is no need for alarm; the platform isn’t “gone” forever.
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Let me explain what’s going on with it.

There was a lot of confusion and concern amongst fans earlier this year when a rumour circulated saying the children’s channel would permanently shut down on October 1.

Despite the unfounded rumours, Warner Bros.

Amination and Cartoon Network Studio are formally joining together as part of a “strategic realignment” of the corporation.

What Is Happening to Cartoon Network Studios?

‘RIP Cartoon Network’ After Merger Warner Bros. Trending on Twitter

There will be no loss of Cartoon Network programming as a result of the recently announced merger with Warner Bros. Animation and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe.

Each of the three designations will retain its individual identity within the larger framework. According to reports, the merger will have no effect on the content style of either label.
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Warner Bros. Television Group recently announced that 26% of its personnel across scripted, unscripted, and animation have been let go.

There were a total of 125 job cuts as a result of this action.

Fans Trend ‘RIP Cartoon Network’

‘RIP Cartoon Network’ After Merger Warner Bros. Trending on Twitter

Many viewers may have been led astray into thinking they would soon have to say goodbye to their beloved station due to rumours that the network was going to shut down.

The hashtag “RIP Cartoon Network” became a social media phenomenon as a direct result.

The death of Cartoon Network was mourned by one of their fans on Twitter.

All the kids of the ’90s appreciate the great times they had because of you.

A third user lamented, “RIP Cartoon Network; truly the GOAT of childhood cartoons.”

To that string of tweets, someone has added, “RIP Cartoon Network. No matter what anyone says, from the 1990s to the present, they had the best run. They fielded the strongest team and featured the most legendary players.

More About the Warner Bros. Merger

‘RIP Cartoon Network’ After Merger Warner Bros. Trending on Twitter

Collider reports that corporate chairman Channing Dungey sent out a note to all employees on Tuesday announcing the merger.

Sam Register, the current president of Hanna-Barbera Studios, will now oversee Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network as well.

According to Variety, “Cartoon Network Studios continues to develop original animated content,” therefore the company’s output won’t change despite the Warner Bros.


However, many talented employees were laid off after the reorganisation, leaving some opponents worried about the network’s long-term viability.