Rollie Before and After Surgery: Unveiling Transformative Journey!

Goldie Martin, better known as Baddies West’s Rollie Pollie, is keeping a diary about her experience with plastic surgery. The sassy plus-size queen with a bigger attitude showed off her Double BBL results at Goals Plastic Surgery. Rollie’s social media announcement of her surgery and footage of herself on the operating table incensed many.

Rollie posts a video on her Instagram in which she discusses her body image issues, including her “belly, my arms, and my back.” She went on to say that since starting semaglutide injections, her hunger has decreased and she no longer has cravings for sugary or greasy foods, and that she has also started drinking more water. “My body has changed since I started taking the shots.”

One Mo’ Chance was a chaotic reality TV rodeo where Rollie competed for the heart of former I Heart New York star Chance. Rollie, who has a lot of confidence in herself, admitted she was using semaglutide injections to help her lose weight before undergoing flex sculpt surgery.

“@goalsplasticsurgery is getting ya girl right with the semaglutide injections about to drop this weight so I can go into my flex sculpt surgery I’m super excited stay tuned for my before and after pictures in a few weeks!” she tweeted. The outgoing beauty reported another four-pound weight loss while using liraglutide.

What Is a Double BBL?

rollie before and after surgery

Rollie had the flex sculpt and Double BBL done right in front of us, and she was a joy to see as she described the experience. She showed her stomach to her fans as the fat was being removed.

Just what is a “Double BBL,” then? According to GoalsPlasticSurgery’s website, the Goals Double BBL® procedure combines autologous fat transfer to the buttocks and hips with FlexSculpt®, which swiftly removes unwanted fat. Fat is removed from the abdomen and transferred to the buttocks and hips to improve fullness and symmetry. The Double BBL® surgery transplants fat to the buttocks and hips.

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Many fans and doubters have questioned Rollie’s BMI and whether she should have the surgery.
Masika, a former star of Love & Hip Hop, prompted Rollie to respond with, “Wait… this ain’t safe of smart. To successfully undergo this and other cosmetic operations, your body mass index (BMI) must be below a particular threshold. The target range is 18–25 years old. Don’t take any chances, ok? Who the hell kind of medical professional would operate on her like that? SMH.” And Rollie shot back:

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Rollie posted a response to Masika and the other worried people who had commented on his post. In two months, I expect to have full mobility again in my back. My breast reduction and tummy tuck are scheduled for the same day.