Roman Abramovich Net Worth 2022: Where the oligarch made his billions

Boris Johnson has been chastised for making a misleading statement about Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

The Prime Minister falsely said in the House of Commons that the wealthy Chelsea FC owner was on a list of sanctions imposed by the UK government.

In reaction to Russia deploying peacekeeping forces to Ukrainian territory, the UK sanctioned three Russian businessmen with links to Vladimir Putin in recent days, but not Abramovich, as Labour MP Chris Bryant pointed out.

Roman Abramovich Net Worth

Abramovich has had visa troubles in the past, but not punishment. The comment had to be retracted, with Downing Street claiming that “the Prime Minister misspoke.”

“The Prime Minister claimed that Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned,” Bryant remarked, raising a point of order. That, as far as I’m aware, has not occurred.

“I’m convinced the prime minister gave a wrong suggestion absolutely unintentionally…

However, if the Prime Minister could correct the record, that would be beneficial.”

So, who is the Russian oligarch and how much money does he have? Here’s all you need to know about Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

What is Roman Abramovich’s net worth?

Roman Abramovich Net Worth

According to Forbes, Roman Abramovich’s current net worth is believed to be over £10.7 billion.

According to Forbes, Abramovich is the 142nd wealthiest person on the planet.

Because of his financial success, he was able to acquire Chelsea in 2003, having a significant effect on the English football landscape.

Abramovich’s Chelsea has won trophy after trophy since he took over one of London’s major football teams.

The Blues had previously had some success in the years preceding up to the acquisition, but it was nothing compared to what they would go on to do, twice becoming European champions and earning the distinction of most trophy-laden English club since the Russian tycoon took possession at Stamford Bridge.

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They attribute a lot of their success to the players and managers they’ve been able to attract since the oligarch dramatically increased their fortune.

Abramovich is notorious for the extravagant spending that his wealth allows, with a boat worth over £500 million and houses in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, the Caribbean, and his native Russia.

According to Mark Hollingsworth and Stewart Lansley’s book Londongrad, Abramovich is responsible for the ‘world’s most expensive takeout,’ when he allegedly ordered sushi from London and had it delivered by private aircraft to his hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital.

It is estimated that the order cost roughly £40,000.
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Who is Roman Abramovich?

How did Roman Abramovich earn his money?

Abramovich is a 55-year-old Russian millionaire with ‘father and son’ links to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to reports. An assertion from which he has distanced himself.

Abramovich was born in 1966 but spent most of his childhood as an orphan when his mother died of blood sickness when he was only three years old.

His father perished in a construction accident around the same time.

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Before coming to Moscow to live with his Uncle Abram in 1974, he was adopted by his Uncle Leiba and his wife Ludmilla, who was said to be a former beauty queen.

After that, Abramovich served in the Red Army before entering the business world.

How did Roman Abramovich earn his money?

The dissolution of the Soviet Union, one of history’s most major political events, is the basis of Abramovich’s fortune.

Roman Abramovich Net Worth

The natural energy sources of the Soviet Union were dismantled and sold off to investors when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991. This provided enormous riches and opportunities for merchants like Abramovich, who were able to make substantial gains by purchasing undervalued properties.
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Before founding the oil-trading enterprise ABK, he bought and sold retreaded tires and established a toy company in his early days as a businessman.

According to Londongrad, Abramovich made huge profits by buying oil at regulated prices and selling it on the unregulated world market, obtaining a license to export oil “through his connections with a customs official” and obtaining a license to export oil “through his connections with a customs official.”

When writer Catherine Belton published accusations in a book called ‘Putin’s People,’ the businessman was forced to apologize in a defamation settlement in December 2021.

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It alleged that Abramovich only acquired Chelsea on Putin’s orders, echoing a claim made by Sergei Pugachev, another Russian billionaire.

Belton’s “highly respected and critically praised” novel “included some erroneous facts,” according to publisher HarperCollins.

“A more extensive explanation of Mr. Abramovich’s reasons for purchasing the club will be included in the revised version of the book,” they stated.

“Mr. Abramovich’s objective with Chelsea Football Club has always been clear and transparent: to build world-class teams on the field and to ensure the club plays a constructive role in all of its communities,” stated Abramovich’s officials.