Roxanne Price Offered ‘Free Sex Remix’ to NFL Draft’s One Pick!

The NFL Draft’s top pick will receive a free “sex romp,” according to TMZ after sex worker Roxanne Price made the announcement.

In Las Vegas, the 2022 NFL Draft began on Thursday, April 28, and will last until Saturday, April 30.

Roxanne Price, a certified escort, offered a suggestion to this year’s top pick as the draft began.

Who Is Roxanne Price?

According to her Twitter account, Roxanne Price is a certified sex escort who was born on October 17, 1994. According to her website, the 27-year-old has been employed by Nevada’s authorized brothels since 2014.

Roxanne has 362 followers on Instagram and 63.9 k followers on Twitter, despite the fact that she hasn’t posted anything there since May 2021.

She describes herself as “discreet and professional” on her Twitter account, and she uses the pronouns she/they in her Instagram bio.

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Roxanne Offers ‘Free Sex Romp’ to Top Draft Pick

Roxanne Price Offered 'Free Sex Remix' to NFL Draft's One Pick!

In the midst of the 2022 NFL Draft, Roxanne claimed that the occasion was generating so much business for Las Vegas and the brothel she works at that she was prepared to provide her services without charge to the top pick.

The escort is employed at the Chicken Ranch Brothel, a legitimate business outside of Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

The least I can do is give the top draft pick the most priceless asset I have—my first-rate sensual services—for free, she told the publication. “It’s my way of giving back to the athletes who motivate us all,” she said.

The free service, Roxanne added, wouldn’t be restricted to this weekend, so whoever is chosen first can book at a later time.

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More About Her

Roxanne Price Offered 'Free Sex Remix' to NFL Draft's One Pick!

Roxanne price recently talked openly about her life throughout the last four years, when the covid pandemic afflicted the entire planet, in an interview with The Daily Star.

She told the magazine, “When COVID hit, I made the decision to take some time from work and lived a solitary and chaste life. “I was staying in and playing video games like Skyrim while cuddling with my French bulldog at home.

I was essentially leading a monastic life with minimal touch with others.

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