Rumble CEO Joins Tv Show Host  Maria Bartiromo to Discuss Rumble, Truth Social, and Elon Musk!

Truth Social was developed by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media, and technology corporation that former U.S. President Donald Trump formed in October 2021. According to others, the platform competes with Parler and Gab in the alt-tech space.

The launch day for the service was February 21, 2022. Since its debut, the Truth Social platform has had serious scaling issues, which has resulted in a lower user base than anticipated.

The service was only available to users in the United States and Canada up until May 2022 and could only be accessed through an iPhone app. Although access is still restricted by geography, the service developed a web app in May 2022 that allows users of any internet browser to visit the site.

Why Are We Doing This Interview?

the Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski speaks with Maria Bartiromo, the host of the TV program Rumble, about Rumble, Elon Musk, and the app Truth Social created by former president Donald Trump.

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The discussion between Chris Pavlovski and Maria Bortimoro, host of Morning with Maria, revealed how well Rumble and Truth Social are performing and how hard they are working to realize Former President Donald Trump’s ambitions of a free and open social media landscape.

Rumble CEO Joins Tv Show Host Maria Bartiromo to Discuss Rumble, Truth Social, and Elon Musk!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, bought Twitter during the conversation, and Twitter’s CEO Chris Pavlovski highlighted this to the audience.

According to The Ceo of Rumble, Elon Musk “Amplified” Twitter’s “Free Speech Ecology.”

According to Rumble CEO, Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter “amplified” the social media site’s “free speech ecosystem.” On “Mornings with Maria” on Wednesday, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski remarked, “What Elon has done here is great.”

Now that this asset class has been greatly expanded and amplified, everyone wants to participate in the free speech ecosystem. In a list of the Top Free Apps in the Apple app store, Truth Social, Trump’s social media network, has surpassed Twitter, prompting Pavlovski’s remarks.

Musk cited a ranking from in a tweet that stated, “Truth Social is currently surpassing Twitter & TikTok on the Apple Store.”

After Truth Social relocated to the cloud, Rumble, a free expression video platform, hit a new record in March 2022 with 44.3 million monthly active users.

The first significant customer of Rumble is Truth Social. The amount of people who are interested in the cloud, according to Pavlovski, is “enormous.” Pavlovski said, “Rumble and Truth have been pioneers in this new asset class. “Opening out on Twitter is a wonderful thing. I’m quite enthusiastic about what Elon is doing.”

He went on to argue that free speech occurs at the “infrastructure level,” not the “platform level,” and that Musk acquiring control of Twitter will “offer a great opportunity” for the business.

Rumble CEO Joins Tv Show Host Maria Bartiromo to Discuss Rumble, Truth Social, and Elon Musk!

While this is going on, Musk has previously attacked Twitter for its censoring and has stated that he plans to urge the social media site to support free expression. Rumble takes pride in being a more intimate version of YouTube, and the CEO expressed excitement about letting other companies use the company’s cloud.

The First Amendment is present and is what is indelible in America, and Pavlovski emphasized how crucial that is.

About Chris Pavlovski

Chris Pavlovski, is a Canadian businessman, author, and entrepreneur born in 1990. Chris began his career by working for one of the major software firms, Microsoft, but left after only six months. He left his position at Microsoft and started his own business, Cosmic Development. Further advancement saw Mr. Pavlovski rise to become Rumble’s CEO.

About Rumble

Users can watch/stream videos on the online video streaming network known as Rumble. Rumble and YouTube have a lot in common.

Most Trump fans visit this website. Florida is home to Rumble’s corporate headquarters. It was established in 2013. Rumble originally featured humorous videos and mainstream news, but since Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes contacted Rumble to stream its videos, Rumble has evolved into the primary forum for all Trump supporters.

Rumble CEO Joins Tv Show Host Maria Bartiromo to Discuss Rumble, Truth Social, and Elon Musk!

Truth Social, a TMTG-created product, recently opted to switch to Rumble’s cloud infrastructure for both its website and application, effective April 21, 2022.

Truth Social and Rumble Have Combined

Truth Social, an application created by the business of former president Donald Trump, has chosen to move its website and application to the Rumble cloud’s platform.

A safe online environment that is free, open, and welcoming of all viewpoints is a goal shared by the businesses Rumble and Truth Social. Since they began working together with Truth Social, Rumble’s stock values have shown spectacular growth rates.

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Twitter and Truth Social Following Elon Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter

One of the first social media sites to forbid former president Donald Trump from expressing his ideas and beliefs was Twitter.

Since Elon Musk, who shares Trump’s ideals, has seized control of it, both Twitter and Truth Social will benefit enormously from being freed from the constraints imposed by the major tech corporations. What Chris Pavlovski had to say regarding Twitter’s takeover and Truth Social

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