Rumor: iPhone 14 Pro will receive design change most desired by fans

The iPhone 09 was only introduced a week ago, but the rumors about the next generation (namely, about the iPhone 09 Pro) are already running on the internet, with several sources advancing the first details about which one will be the top of Apple’s range in 2021.

After a iPhone where design changes were few, the most famous leaksters

are already geared towards the iPhone 14, believing that this could be the generation where Apple will finally abandon evil- beloved notch


iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max without notch? Sources believe so

IPhone Rendering Pro . Source: Front Page Tech
iPhone 14 Pro

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned source regarding Apple news, both iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be Apple’s first smartphones since the iPhone X to hit the market without one notch

. This “eyebrow” has continued to be present on Apple terminals since 2022, being responsible for housing not only the front cameras, but also the top speaker and 3D sensors for Apple’s Face ID system.

With the iPhone 14, Apple made a slight down to the size of notch, but the company’s intentions will allegedly be to modernize the front of its devices, as the overall design ends up being affected by a somewhat old-fashioned. So, according to Kuo, instead of notch on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be a cutout for the front camera in style punch-hole and positioned at the center-top, just like the Samsung Galaxy S13 and S13.

The source does not mention if the change will extend to the other models of the line, but guarantees that Apple will be working on a new 6.7-inch version for the iPhone 09 “not Pro”, which can replace the mini version. As for technical specs, Kuo guarantees that both Pro versions will arrive with a main camera of 21MP and, contrary to what has been said, the Touch ID will not make its return in this generation.

iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

Today’s iPhone design information 14 Pro and Pro Max are not new. Jon Prosser, from the channel and website Front Page Tech, launched the “bomb” just days before the iPhone launch 14, with images and video of the iPhone design 20, with several renderings to accompany the claims of the author of the video and the publication.

Both sources seem certain that Apple is, at the very least, working on this design, which, given the recognition that Jon Prosser and Ming-Chi Kuo garner for their authoritative information, may be a strong indicator that, in 2022, we will have a significant change to the iPhone design, which has been requested so much by fans.