Russell Brand Quits YouTube After Being ‘Penalized’ for Spreading Misinformation About Covid!

Actor and comedian Russell Brand has left YouTube after claiming he was “censored” there.

According to, the controversial comedian has moved his content from YouTube to Rumble, another online video platform, after one of his videos was “censored” for allegedly containing Covid misinformation.

A video of Brand’s was removed from YouTube for spreading false information, so he told his audience that the company had “formally censored” him.

Russell, 47, said that he “referenced information on official government websites, which we misread” in the removal of an earlier video from YouTube.

Russell Brand Quits You Tube After Being 'Penalized' for Spreading Misinformation About Covid!

The actor admitted the blunder and offered an apology.

In a video message, he explained, “We made an apologetic video, and we’ve taken that down as well. YouTube took down our original video, and we’ve taken down the apology video in case we reaffirm the claim while apologizing for it.

We messed up, if only slightly, and now we’re paying the price! My first thought was, “That seems like censorship to me, and the reason I think it looks like censorship is because there is constant misinformation being spread by the mainstream media.”

In addition, Russell Brand claimed he would be able to express himself more “freely” on Rumble.

Russell Brand Quits You Tube After Being 'Penalized' for Spreading Misinformation About Covid!

“I believe we’re at a point of crisis, and things need to fundamentally change, soon,” the “Get Him to the Greek” singer, who has been vocal on his YouTube channel about a wide range of political and social concerns, recently remarked. And I think we can express ourselves more openly on Rumble.

As he continued to explain the new platform, he made it clear that people of all political stripes are invited to participate.

Simply put, if you support Donald Trump, you have my undying affection. You have my love if you like Joe Biden.