Salt Papi’s Astonishing Transformation: Before and After Boxing

The well-known YouTuber Salt Papi has had an encouraging journey to lose weight. He started to change in order to get ready for a boxing match on KSI’s Misfits Boxing with another YouTuber named Halal Ham. For the fight, Salt Papi promised to lose weight. He did, dropping 11 pounds from 207 pounds to 196 pounds.

He didn’t stop working out there; for his most recent fight against Anthony Taylor, he weighed 180 pounds, which means he has lost a total of 28 pounds since his first boxing match. Salt Papi continued his journey as he got ready to fight for Misfits Boxing’s new 165-pound title.

The Before and After of Salt Papi

The difference between Salt Papi “Before and After” is truly amazing. This popular YouTuber and TikTok star went through a huge change in just one year. In 2022, when he first started fighting, he was a lot heavier. He first became popular by making funny TikTok videos in which he imitated SaltBae’s salt-pouring style.

Salt Papi

He started to lose a huge amount of weight when he started boxing and met opponents in the ring. The amount of weight Salt Papi lost was crazy—165 pounds! That’s almost the weight of a normal adult. This radical change not only made him look better, but it also showed how dedicated and hardworking he was.

How much did Salt Papi lose?

He has lost an amazing 70 pounds, which is the same as five stone, in weight as he gets ready for his upcoming fight with Slim Albaher. This huge weight loss is an amazing accomplishment in such a short time, especially since he was known for having a big body to begin with.

Salt Papi

Following his last fight with MMA star Anthony Taylor, in which he met a respected fighter, Salt Papi made the decision to lose a lot of weight. He has lost nearly 70 pounds, which is about 30 kilograms (1 stone 10 pounds).

His dedication and hard work in boxing are shown by how he has changed. The sport has helped him lose weight from almost 100 kilograms (15 stone 10 pounds) to about 70 kilograms (11 stone). Boxing has made a huge difference in Salt Papi’s health and fitness, which is shown in his story.

Who is Salt Papi?

Nathaniel Bustamante, who goes by the name Salt Papi, is a 29-year-old social media star who has made a big splash in the world of fighting. Salt Papi is well-known in both worlds, even though he doesn’t use his real name. His family is a mix of English and Filipino. His record as a boxer is three wins and one loss. His most recent loss to MMA fighter Anthony Taylor caused him to make big changes in his life.

At first, Salt Papi fought in the cruiserweight division, which had a 200-pound weight limit. He was five feet eight inches tall. His weight loss of 60 pounds, on the other hand, is truly impressive. He is now ready to fight in the middleweight division, where weights can go up to 160 pounds. People are interested in how Salt Papi’s weight loss might have affected his ability, and he plans to show off his new body in a future match.

Salt Papi Boxing Record

Salt Papi’s fighting record shows how he went from being popular on social media to being a strong fighter. He has fought four times and won three times and lost once. The two fought in a test match in early 2022, and he won by unanimous decision.

His move to professional boxing was clear when he knocked out Andy Warski in August 2022 and Josh Brueckner in January 2023. These wins showed how his skills and power were growing in the ring.

Salt Papi

But Salt Papi also lost in May to Anthony Taylor, a skilled MMA fighter. Is that on his record? Taylor had fought well-known fighters like Tommy Fury and Chris Avila in the past. Salt Papi thinks that many other social media stars are afraid to face him because he has the power to knock them out.

Even though it will be hard, he is eagerly looking for real competition. He is going to meet Slim Albaher in his next match. Albaher has an impressive 6-0 record as a professional boxer.

How much money Salt Papi has?

It is thought that Salt Papi will have a net worth of $1 to $2 million in 2023. The former social media star who is now a boxer makes money in a number of ways. Since he has more than four million TikTok fans, he probably makes money from brand endorsements and social media.

Salt Papi’s move into professional fighting also brings in money, though the exact amount is still a secret. Still, as a well-known influencer, he can expect to make a lot of money from fighting, which shows that he can make money in a variety of ways.

How did Salt Papi get rid of his fat?

The amazing weight drop that Salt Papi achieved was made possible by hard work and boxing. After fighting a professional boxer named Anthony Taylor, he chose to lose weight. This determination is what made him change so dramatically. He lost about 70 pounds, which is about 30 kilograms or five stone, in a short time.

He trained hard by doing workouts that were like wrestling but for real fighting. Salt Papi’s journey to lose weight shows how much focus and hard work he put into his love of boxing, which changed not only his body but also his life.

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Salt Papi’s transformation journey from a social media entertainer to a dedicated and successful boxer is nothing short of inspirational. His astounding weight loss of approximately 70 pounds showcases his unwavering commitment and the significant changes he underwent in a relatively short time. Salt Papi’s journey serves as a testament to the remarkable impact of boxing, not only on his physique but also on his life and career.