Sampha and Kendrick Lamar Perform ‘Father Time’ on ‘SNL’!

Kendrick Lamar returned to the Saturday Night Live stage for his second performance of the evening with a rendition of “Father Time.”

Lamar’s performance takes place in a bedroom, complete with a bed, a nightstand, and a chair. There is a man sitting in the chair, but he has his back on us. Sampha, who was previously unknown, is revealed to be the man singing the chorus.

The song “Father Time” by Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers is quite personal. After suffering from isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, producer Sounwave told GQ that collaborating with Lamar on this record was therapeutic.
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Sampha and Kendrick Lamar Perform 'Father Time' on 'SNL'!

Sounwave declared, “I’m a perfectionist.
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” So, all of the year 2020 that I spent isolated in my room, composing songs for no one but myself, I despised it.

That’s awful,’ she said. This will never be popular. And I thought, ‘Who would ever sing on a tune like this?’ Without that one individual to say, “No, this is good!” I had no one to counteract my bad ideas.

Somehow, I managed to ignore that. Sorry, I missed it.

Sampha and Kendrick Lamar Perform 'Father Time' on 'SNL'!

In this regard, Kendrick Lamar is supreme. It doesn’t matter how bad it is; he’ll be able to hear the tiniest detail within and turn it around so that it makes perfect sense.

That’s where a lot of our older songs got their inspiration from.

Without it, you might easily become buried in your own thoughts to the point of madness.