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Samsung Knox Vault is the security platform for the new mobile generation

This is the month dedicated to cybersecurity and Samsung could not fail to reveal its latest evolution of the security platform, Samsung Knox. Since its creation in 2021 this platform brings device protection tools to users and companies mobile devices.

The new Samsung Knox Vault presents itself as the natural evolution of this security platform, providing an isolated and integrated hardware environment capable of keeping data even more secure. The new security platform from Samsung arrives integrated in all smartphones of the Galaxy S line21 and the collapsible Galaxy Z, thus ensuring greater effectiveness in combating physical attacks and cyber attacks.

Samsung Knox Vault takes mobile security to a new level

The Samsung Knox Vault keeps the most sensitive information on the smartphone (such as passwords and digital certificates) isolated, so that there is no risk of becoming vulnerable in case of unauthorized access. The new protocols implemented separate this data from the operating system, thus avoiding security holes in case of malware infection.

At Samsung, we are known for our efforts in innovation, and our ability to adapt to the needs of users and businesses. We take the protection of our users’ data seriously, having strict procedures and technology that guarantee the correct security of sensitive and confidential information. We are committed to continuing to work to mitigate security risks, and Knox Vault is a combination of specific hardware and new embedded software that will further protect our smartphone data as well as its applications. A true multilayer safe, where only the user is able to access your confidential data

Nuno Parreira Head of Mobile Samsung Portugal.

These are the three fundamental elements of the Samsung Knox Vault system

      Samsung Secure Processor

        Encrypts the most sensitive data and protects it from physical attacks. In addition, a cryptographic algorithm also helps to prevent side channel attacks.

  • New memory chip
      This is also fundamental for isolation and storing this sensitive data securely, preventing it from being removed from the device. This memory chip is not connected to the Android operating system, it is only accessible through the processor.
    • New software and protocol

      The software developed for the Samsung Knox Vault is the icing on the cake, creating a continuous security environment, ensuring a high standard of security through constant revisions with the release of new software updates.

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