Best Methods to Find Saved Passwords on Samsung Phone

I think that this Samsung user’s circumstance is by no means unique; if you are having trouble figuring out different passwords on your own device, please read this post to learn more.

Why then is this an issue? The capabilities of cell phones are improving these days thanks to technological advancements. One benefit is that you may use your browser or the device itself to remember your password instead of having to memorize it. The majority of people opt to allow their phones to remember their passwords since it’s so easy.

However, this might also result in the problem that was initially described, which is that some users might forget their passwords and be unable to locate them when they need to. This article offers three methods to assist readers in locating these passwords. (Use a Samsung device to illustrate.)

Method 1: Find Password in Samsung Settings

The majority of mobile phones on the market today can assist users save their passwords. Therefore, going to settings and locating the password storage location is the simplest approach to retrieve the saved password.

Warm up the settings.

Find Lock Screen and Security, then click on it.

To show or hide, click.

Subsequently, you may view the stored password by clicking on an app icon.

Method 2: Find Biometrics Authentication from Samsung Pass

I think you might be wondering if Samsung has a password manager if you can’t find your wifi password or any other password. Naturally, Samsung Pass is a very helpful feature of the Samsung gadget. Additionally, you may log into your accounts using your fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition technology, eliminating the need for you to enter your ID and password while visiting websites.

This saves the user a ton of time. However, occasionally, users could forget the password they used on a particular website. In this case, Samsung Pass lets them verify it. Please be aware, though, that this is exclusive to websites where you have used an account or biometric authentication.

In case that’s your search query, kindly follow these procedures to locate the Samsung Pass:

Step 1: Kindly choose Settings > Security and biometrics.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, you can see Samsung Pass.

Step 3: A list of the accounts and websites that you are presently connected into with Samsung Pass may be seen beneath the Sign-in page.

There are two prerequisites: To utilize this service, you must first install Android 8 or later on your device and then have a steady internet connection (by Wi-Fi or mobile data).

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Method 3: Wi-Fi Password Recovery Tool – DroidKit

You can attempt the DroidKit if you are trying to get the wifi password and the first two techniques aren’t working for you. It can make it simple for you to locate the WiFi password.

Discover the WiFi password now in only six simple steps:

samsung saved passwords

Step 1: Please open DroidKit after downloading it, then select the Data Extractor from Google Account option.

Step 2: To begin, please choose Google Backups and click WiFi.

Step 3: Please maintain a steady internet connection and log in using your Google account.

Step 4: Your backups will be identified after authorization, and you may download the one you choose.

Step 5: You may get a preview of the data after downloading. After that, you may select whether to export the data to a Mac or PC or to a device.

Method 4: Find Stored Web/Account Passwords from Chrome

This approach is compatible with most Android smartphones, unlike the previous one. However, we’ll also use a Samsung phone as an illustration. Actually, you must ensure that Chrome is remembering your password by default before attempting to retrieve the saved password.

Because once you complete checking in, you will undoubtedly get a message asking you if you want to store your account and password if you often use Google to enter into websites that require your login information. If you choose “yes,” then good news! If you can’t remember your password for the account you’re currently connected into, you can utilize Google to get it. Just a few clicks are required.

Step 1: On your Samsung phone, open a Chrome app.

Step 2. To access Settings, click the three dots in the upright corner.

Step 3: Please click Passwords after reaching the Settings page. A list of all the passwords you’ve stored will also be visible.

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The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, there are a few methods available for locating the password on your Samsung smartphone, but each has some restrictions. You can locate the app or website that employs biometric identification with Samsung Pass. Chrome’s primary function is to locate passwords and accounts that have been saved on Google sites and signed in. Additionally, the Droidkit aids in precisely locating the WiFi password. So please try all three approaches to assist you find the greatest amount of passwords.