Is Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Renewed Or Cancelled? Check Possible Release Date

santa clarita diet Season 4 Possible Release Date

According to Jump, Season 4 of Santa Clarita Diet is only possible with enough time. Liv Hewson, a star of the Yellowjackets, thinks she can’t portray 16-year-old Abby in the fourth season of Santa Clarita Diet, but a time jump would work.

Despite their desire to return as Abby, Yellowjackets star Liv Hewson admits bringing Santa Clarita Diet back for season 4 may be difficult. Netflix premiered a horror-comedy series titled Santa Clarita Diet in February of this year.

After Sheila’s death and resurrection as a zombie, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore) are a married couple whose lives spiral out of control.

They must adapt to Sheila’s new lifestyle with their teenage daughter Abby (Hewson) and the next-door neighbor’s son, Eric (Skyler Gisondo), while keeping her from eating anyone they know.

Victor Fresco served as showrunner for three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet, which was suddenly cancelled by Netflix in 2019 after the release of season 3. As the blood-splattering comedy seemed to gain momentum with each season, the show’s demise was a shock to its viewers.

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The cast and crew of Santa Clarita Diet were nominated for numerous awards for their work on the show. Many wondered if Netflix would ever pick up the show for a fourth season.

Santa Clarita Diet Officially Canceled After Three Seasons, Netflix  Confirms | Vanity Fair

Hewson talked about the other horror-based series they had appeared in, Yellowjackets. Hewson stated in an interview with Digital Spy that they would love to return for season 4 of Santa Clarita Diet, but a time jump would be necessary because they could no longer pass as sixteen-years-old. The whole logic of Hewson can be found in the following paragraphs:

“That’s exactly what I’d do. I’d be delighted to. It’s funny, since as a viewer, I have no idea how simple it would be to put this together. In contrast, each of the three seasons lasts for a month. If we went back to doing more, I’d be a little apprehensive because I’m now 26.

We began when I was 20 years old. Abby is sixteen years old. Let me think about it: Would it be possible for me to accomplish this? There may be a requirement for a time shift. Just for myself. It’s nothing major. I’d be happy to, whenever is convenient for you.”

It’s nothing new to talk about bringing back Santa Clarita Diet. Fresco expressed his concern for the show’s fans when Netflix announced that the third season of Santa Clarita Diet would be its final.

It appears a reason why Netflix cancelled 'Santa Clarita Diet' has now been  revealed

Then, in 2020, Fresco reiterated his desire to provide a satisfying ending for those who were disappointed by the show’s cancellation. Santa Clarita Diet season 3 introduced a deeper zombie mythology and teased a zombie Joel, so he wanted to tie up any loose ends that had been left.

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Hewson’s comments on the fourth season of Santa Clarita Diet are sure to pique the interest of viewers who are still seeking answers. However, Hewson’s approach might give the zombie comedy a realistic path to follow even if Netflix’s cancellation was not based on the storyline or the fandom.

Oftentimes, shows are revived as spinoffs or limited series to fill in the gaps left by the original. Gilmore Girls, for example, was brought back by Netflix so that the site could create the show’s last episode. It’s only a matter of time before the streaming service brings back Santa Clarita Diet.

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