Savannah Chrisley’s Pregnancy Journey: Separating Fact from Fiction

Savannah Chrisley has become a real star and built up a huge social media following thanks to a small part she played on her family’s hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. The 24-year-old Belmont University graduate always amazes her fans online with her great sense of style, strong faith, and close family ties.

But lately, some people have been thinking that the Chrisley family might be a little bigger. There are rumors that Savannah has her own little bundle of joy. Did Savannah Chrisley really have a child? This is what we know.

Has Savannah Chrisley had a child?

No, but she did some shots and said she had “baby fever.”
Some Chrisley Knows Best fans think Savannah Chrisley had a baby behind everyone’s back, but it doesn’t look like that’s true. A few false shots, like this one of her holding a newborn baby and this one of her with a real baby, may have made things worse. In any case, neither is of her child. They are of Rae Lynn, a close friend, and her new baby girl, Daisy.

That doesn’t mean Savannah isn’t thinking about having a child. “BABY FEVER = FULL FORCE” is written under one of the pictures. I can’t take it anymore!! Daisy, I can’t wait to see you grow up and spoil you rotten!”

This made some fans say they hope she and her ex-boyfriend Nic Kerdiles (who she’s seen again, according to E! News) have kids together.

Inside the Life of a Reality TV Sensation: Savannah Chrisley

“Nick and Savannah need to get married and start their own beautiful family!” One fan wrote next to a picture of Savannah holding Daisy.

“You and Nick are going to make precious babies … one day!” It was another excited user who spoke up .Another fan said, “You and Nick will make great parents one day.” After reading those comments, it’s clear that Savannah’s fans can’t wait for her to have her own child one day.

In 2021, an IG comment made people think Savannah was pregnant.
Savannah has been the subject of reports about a possible bun in the oven before. In fact, on February 25, 2021, the star posted a black-and-white photo with a message that made some people think she was pregnant.

“I try to stay buttoned up… but it’s about to ‘pop off’… #doyouseewhatisee,” she wrote at the time next to a picture of herself sitting on the ground in black long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Of course, her fans saw that as a sign that she was pregnant.

A popular comment below the picture said, “Please don’t say that you are pregnant.” Savannah didn’t answer any of them directly, but she did answer one fan who wasn’t sure what the comment meant. “Gosh, guys!” she wrote. My button is popping off because my pants are too tight.

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While Savannah Chrisley has been at the center of pregnancy rumors, she confirmed that she is not pregnant. She remains a beloved reality TV personality with a strong connection to her fans. As with any public figure, it’s crucial to respect her choices regarding the privacy of her personal life and celebrate her professional achievements.