Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

The 14th season of Married at First Sight, which was filmed in Boston and aired earlier this year, featured Lindsey Georgoulis. She was then married to Mark Maher, but they have since divorced. Season 15 of Married at First Sight, which follows five San Diego-based couples as the reality of their newlywed lives together sets in, debuted on Lifetime on Wednesday.

Georgoulis provides PEOPLE with her recap of Wednesday night’s inaugural episode and her expectations for how this season will pan out in this article.

I can’t wait to see the couples for this season for the first time. As someone who once had the chance to participate in Married At First Sight, I’m going back in time as I watch these hopefuls get ready for an unforgettable voyage.

I adore reading people’s nonverbal cues and nonverbal body language. How do their residences appear? Who are their buddies, and do they share the viewpoints that the person is attempting to convey? Do they behave differently with family and friends? Do they behave otherwise during interviews? Are they acting naturally and seeking a love connection, or do they appear to be overly aware of the camera?

Time will tell, but I personally enjoy learning more about a person by how they behave in public versus when they’re alone. It always paints such a clear picture for me of who is involved for the right reasons and who might not be prepared for marriage. I have very strong initial feelings about these couples, so let’s get started!

Justin and Alexis

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

Alexis makes me feel like myself. She has a solid network of male friends and is accustomed to taking the lead and making decisions. My current favorite is Justin. He’s a good fit for marriage since he’s witty, real, and grounded. Alexis is his life and death.

I hope Justin doesn’t get put in Alexis’ friend zone because she has a lot of good men in her life. I believe they would work wonderfully together as a pair.

Justin aspires to love people for who they truly are. I can tell he’ll be able to handle Alexis’ aggressive side because he was willing to help and cooperate with his ex.

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I hope his wife will be understanding since, in the end, I believe he is a good candidate for a husband but I think he needs some time to consider things through. I believe Justin has been lacking in a simple woman’s approach, and Alexis is just what he needs.

Miguel and Lindy

Lindy comes out as kind, passionate, loving, and insecure. I hope she recognizes her talents on her own, without the aid of anyone else. I think Lindy needs someone to reassure her, compliment her, and provide feedback.

Although I believe she is a whole package, my main worry is that she might be a self-saboteur who is reliant on outside criticism. Lindy needs to discover a method to access her inner confidence, I hope.

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

Miguel calls himself a romantic nerd, therefore I’m thrilled to see this couple. I believe they can make it work if he can find a way to balance her out without making them too dependent on one another. I adore silly artists, and I really hope Lindy is prepared to don her elf ears and attend Comic-Con.

I believe that Miguel and Lindy will both feel at ease enough to share their wants and eccentricities with one another. I’m a good match for it!

Banh and Morgan

Morgan will need to develop her ability to be adaptable and understand Binh’s thrifty nature and desire for a partnership. Binh will instead need to learn how to relax and have fun. Morgan should be encouraged to try unconventional things by his daring and playful side.

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

I believe that Binh would gradually open up and begin to explore new things and opportunities if Morgan can be kind and patient with Binh. He only needs to understand that the measured risk is worthwhile; this will require trust.

I’m counting on both of you to make this relationship successful. Time will tell if they can cooperate and pass the lead to one another.

Nate and Stacia

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to agree to this. The month-mark is not going to be reached by this couple. I cannot imagine how this coupling could ever succeed.

They will likely be the first pair to get married and have chemistry in bed, in my opinion. Given that they are both strong, loud, and motivated, I think they were paired with the idea of a “power couple” in mind.

Stacia is adorable, opinionated, diligent, and demanding. Nate is likewise outspoken and demanding, but I don’t get the impression that he will be kind or considerate. He comes off as very deliberate when he says the appropriate things, and his treatment of the stripper was despicable. Strong women like Stacia won’t go along with it, and I can imagine his arrogant demeanor turning her off.

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

There will be a power struggle where no one succeeds and no one is correct because I don’t believe either of these two is at a position in their lives where they are willing to put others before themselves. This one is burning up, in my opinion.

Mitch and Krysten

I’ll say no once more. While Mitch doesn’t seem like the kind to get along with others, Krysten is a girl’s girl. Krysten is concerned about relationships and appearances because she is a sorority girl, while Mitch is not.

Mitch’s tone and beliefs are likely to offend Krysten, and I believe that they will never communicate in a way that is mutually agreeable. I’m not sure if Mitch is truly up to the challenge, despite his claims that he wants a strong woman. Additionally, he always complains about being rigid, which gives me the impression that he will always put himself first.

Please don’t talk when you have food in your mouth, Mitch if you’re reading this. It was excessive for me, and it probably will be for Krysten as well. When taking into consideration your partner’s preference, a little goes a long way. Being in a relationship with a taker won’t work for Krysten because she is a giver, organizer, and planner.

Season 15 Premiere of Married at First Sight Recap by Lindsey Georgoulis!

Although I don’t view this as a recipe for friendship or marriage, I do hope that Mitch and Krysten do finally find the perfect one through this process.

Kevin and Angelique Frazier, Since I already know who will advance to Decision Day this season, I hope you’re keeping the trophy warm. Although I’m eager to see how it all plays out, if I were a gambling lady, I’d absolutely place a wager on these forecasts. Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Lifetime broadcasts the Kinetic Content production Married at First Sight.

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