American Drama Television Series in The Dark Cast, Release Date, Trailer and More Updates!!

Fans of In The Dark were overjoyed when the series was renewed in January 2020 for a much-anticipated third season, with filming set to wrap on April 2, 2021, leaving many fans wondering about the series’ future and whether there would be an In The Dark Season 4. The CW is known for canceling series on occasion. Despite this, it appears to have an excellent track record of keeping its originals alive, owing to the fact that the crime drama series has a devoted fan base.

This Series is a Corinne Kingsbury-created American crime drama that premiered in the mid-season of 2018–19 on “The CW.” The pilot was officially ordered by The CW on January 30, 2018. The Series was then turned green on May 11, 2018. Descriptive Video Service Audio is used for the first time on a CW Primetime series. The CW, on the other hand, is not required by the regulation to have any DVS provisions for the audio description of its affiliates because it is a minor network.

Characters and Cast

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Murphy Mason is played by Perry Mattfeld, a young woman in her twenties who has been blind since the age of 14 due to retinitis pigmentosa. Most people find her unwelcoming due to her eyesight, introverted nature, and self-destructive lifestyle. When a buddy is slain, she has a new motivation in locating his killer.

Dean Riley (seasons 1–2), played by Rich Sommer, is a cop who sympathizes with Murphy because his daughter Chloe is also blind.

Brooke Markham plays Murphy’s roommate and best friend, Jess Damon, a veterinarian at Guiding Hope who also acts as an informal aide on occasion.

Casey Deidrick plays Max Parish, a food truck entrepreneur and Darnell’s associate who develops feelings for Murphy.

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Darnell James, a local gang leader, and Tyson’s cousin is played by Keston John, who Murphy seeks out for assistance in finding him.

Morgan Krantz plays Felix Bell, Murphy’s Guiding Hope coworker.

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Tyson Parker (season 1), is a teen who saved Murphy from a violent mugging two years prior and became her closest friend until his untimely death. Thamela Mpumlwana as Tyson Parker (season 1), a teen who saved Murphy from a violent mugging two years prior and became her closest friend until his untimely death.

Hank Mason (season 1; guest season 2), Murphy’s adoptive father and co-owner of Guiding Hope, is played by Derek Webster.

Joy Mason (season 1; special guest seasons 2–3), Murphy’s adoptive mother and co-owner of Guiding Hope, is played by Kathleen York. She, unlike Hank, is less forgiving of Murphy’s terrible decisions in life.

Josh Wallace, and IRS-CI special agent who is losing his sight (season 3; recurrent season 2), is played by Theodore Bhat.

Officer Gene Clemens (season 3; recurrent season 2), Dean’s last partner on the police force, is played by Matt Murray.

Review of Season 3 of In the Dark

In the Dark' Season 3: Who Is in the Cast of the CW Show?

The third season of the series In the Dark aired from June 23rd to October 6th, 2021. Let’s take a look at the third season of In the Dark. In the Dark’s third season has received excellent reviews from critics. In the third season of the show In the Dark, we saw Max, Murphy, and Felix go to Josiah seeking information about Jess, and Gene makes a bold move.

Things start to get awkward when Murphy and her friends have to ride out the storm together. When Murphy’s behavior spirals out of control, Felix takes matters into his own hands.

Later on, Murphy feels alienated and alone. She takes solace in the familiar, but things happen, and she is left to her own devices.

As the walls close in on them, Trey and Murphy make a desperate move. Later, as Murphy gets closer to finding out what happened to Jess, Josh and Clemens move closer to finding Murphy.

Murphy then discovers the truth about what happened to Jess, forcing her to examine herself more closely. Let’s have a look at what occurs next.

When Will in The Dark Season 4 Be Available?

The CW has announced that season 4 of In the Dark will launch on June 6 as part of the network’s summer premiere schedule.

Perry Mattfeld, the show’s star, took to Instagram on March 22 to express her excitement for the new episodes, writing, “Waiting for season 4 to drop like…”

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What Is the Plot of In the Dark Season 4?

The plot of In the Dark season 4 is largely unknown. Murphy’s search for her friend Jess, who had gone missing, was the focus of the third season.

Murphy does some questionable things in her search for answers, which leads her into some fairly sketchy circumstances, such as squaring up to a shady drug dealer. As the season progressed, Jess was discovered alive and well, working a low-key job in a pet shop (spoiler alert).

However, it soon becomes clear that Jess’s goal was to go unnoticed, and that she chose to fake her own death in order to prevent the police from continuing to seek her after she killed Nia Bailey in self-defense. After much disturbance and the police discover Jess and Murphy’s location, Jess manages to flee, but Murphy is apprehended and imprisoned. Season 4 will undoubtedly continue where season 3 ended. We may expect 13 episodes of In the Dark drama, much like the previous three seasons.

Is There a Trailer for In the Dark Season 4?

There isn’t a trailer for Season 4 of In the Dark yet. The trailer will not be released until a few weeks before the release date, as it has been in prior seasons of the show.
Season 4 is set to premiere on June 6, therefore we won’t see a trailer for the upcoming season until at least May 2022. When the game is released, we’ll make sure to update this guide.