Seeking Sister Wife: Are Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield Still Together?

The chances are good that you are highly aware of the peculiar dynamics amongst the polygamous couples portrayed on the popular TLC reality show Seeking Sister Wife. Viewers have witnessed couples navigating the highs and lows of having numerous known partners throughout the years. Through it all, the program has given viewers a profound understanding of the lives and relationships of people who opt to express their love in this unique manner.

The relationship between Dannielle, Garrick, and Roberta Merrifield is one of the ones the show examines. Roberta, a Brazilian immigrant who entered Dannielle and Garrick’s relationship dynamic a few years ago, has had a big impact on how their relationship has developed ever since. In 2022, is Roberta still living with Dannielle and Garrick? This is what we know about what is happening right now between the trio.

Garrick and Dannielle Still Together?

are garrick and danielle still together

Garrick, 38, and Dannielle, 32, are natives of Buena Vista, Colorado. After being in a monogamous relationship for 11 years, the pair have been together for 15 years. They have been pursuing sister wives and engaging in polygamy for the past four years as part of their plural lifestyle. Together, they have two kids: Geremiah, 13, and Solomon, 12.

On the season 4 debut on June 6, Garrick stated, “We describe polygamy as a man having more than one wife and the women, we regard to be close, like sisters.” “We believed that God had genuinely led us to polygamy. We think it’s an illustration of how Jesus treats the members of his church; he has many of them and loves them all the same.

“It’s About Not Restricting Love and Babies,” Dannielle Continued. a Large Family to Be In.”

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Garrick and Dannielle seem to be doing well despite the challenges of transitioning to a polygamous marriage. Garrick posted a touching tribute and raved about his first wife on Instagram in June 2022.

With one of my queens, spending some quality time. I’m grateful for everything, good and bad since it’s all so lovely. Life has its ups and downs and hardships for every one of us. Marriage is no different, but the secret to it all is to be true and dedicated throughout it all since this is how God is, he stated.

He is dependable and always stands by our side. Never lose hope! Keep your focus on the good father of lights. If you remain content and grateful and persevere through the difficult situations God allows you to go through, there is a good reason.

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Updates on Dannielle’s Relationship with Garrick Merrifield, the Star of Seeking Sister Wife

are garrick and danielle still together

In a series of Q&A posts on her Instagram stories before to the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 debut, Dannielle spoke out about her marriage to ex-husband Garrick Merrifield. Although the previous pair is still together, she disclosed that information concerning potential sister wife Roberta could not be shared.

In the third season of Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle reluctantly consented to divorce Garrick in order for him to wed Roberta, his sister’s wife, who lived in Brazil and required a visa to reach the United States.

Despite Dannielle’s admission that she had no problem giving Roberta access to Garrick as their connection developed while they were meeting up in Mexico, Roberta wasn’t able to handle it well.

Dannielle also confirmed that she is still with Garrick in a reply to a follower on Instagram. She responded, “Guilty,” to a follower who inquired as to whether she was “still with this guy.” She also expressed her happiness in response to someone else’s comment on the article announcing the premiere of the new season of Seeking Sister Wife.

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Roberta Was Disappointed when Garrick and Dannielle Began Dating Lea.

are garrick and danielle still together

Garrick and Dannielle have in fact found a new sister wife to add to the equation, as they hinted at the start of Season 4. Lea, a nurse from California who was raised in a polygamous environment, began dating both Garrick and Dannielle, and their relationship is currently doing incredibly well.

Lea stated in an early Season 4 appearance, “The dynamic of having numerous adults in the household is just the way I grew up.” I just get so accustomed to it.

Roberta doesn’t seem to be on board with the concept of adding another sister’s wife to the relationship, despite Dannielle and Garrick’s obsession with Lea. Roberta hasn’t yet had a chance to meet Lea in person because she isn’t in America.

“In a candid moment on the show, Dannielle said, “Roberta has been really insecure and jealous. She truly hoped that she could come here first before a third was added. How Roberta will respond to this situation worries me.”

Lea informed supporters that she was aware of Roberta’s current struggles with being included “Right now, Bert [Roberta] and I don’t get along very well. There is no doubt that we will need to resolve this. It will take some time.”

It goes without saying that not all relationships, including polygamous ones, are happy and blissful. Watch Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST to watch how the romance between Garrick, Dannielle, Roberta, and Lea develops.

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Having many relatives,” Garrick and Dannielle appear to be going strong despite the challenges of transitioning to a polygamous marriage. In June of 2022, Garrick posted a heartfelt Instagram homage to his first wife. Being intimate with one of my queens at the moment.