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Sekirei Season 3: Is There Any Potential Release Date & Rumors?

The third season of the anime adaptation of Sakurako Gokurakuin’s manga series, Sekirei, has been greenlit. The production company behind the show, Seven Arcs Pictures, announced on their website that they will be producing a new season of the show with a release date to be determined. This news comes after years without any word from Seven Arcs about whether or not there would be another season for fans to enjoy. It also means that we can expect more episodes in 2019 and 2020! 

Do you have the anime Sekirei series 1 or 2 on DVD? If you didn’t know, there is a new anime series coming out called Sekirei. It will come out in 2021 or 2022. So don’t be disappointed if you didn’t know already. The story is about people who have special skills that are called Sekirei. These people have been hiding among us for a long time. Another group of people is called Ashikabi. They come from another world and they want to fight the Sekirei. Minato Sahashi is the main character of this book. He became a hero when he woke up one day to find that he was chosen to take part in the 108-Sekirei conflict!

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The third season of Sekirei is coming soon.

Season 3 of the anime series Sekirei follows five female fighters who are trained by The Church of Light, which is dedicated to fighting against chaos and despair. The series is about a girl named Ii Nao. She likes to study and she’s really smart. In 2004, a woman called Sakurako Gokurakuin made it. It has been very popular among fans and ended in 2018. The Sekirei manga was made into an anime. It’s been over ten years since the anime series ended. The first season came out in July 2008, and the second season came out in 2010. The series finale of Sekirei aired on September 26th, 2010, but the studio never said anything. Now they are making a new season.

When will the next season of Sekirei start?

Despite the fact that Sekirei season 2 aired over ten years ago, there has still not been any official word from the studio about a third season. However, the anonymous source who works for seven companies said that he will not release Sekirei Season 3 before 2021.

Sekirei is successful and people like it. But it has been years since the last season aired. The chances of a new season are slim after 10 years.

Fans who were not satisfied with Sekirei Season 2 and wanted to know what happens next can read the manga. Some of the characters are like in the story.

Sekirei Plot:

The TV show is set in Tokyo and tells the story of Minato Sahashi, a 19-year-old. Despite his best efforts, Minato didn’t do well on the school placement tests. He is ignored by his family and friends who think he is useless. At the age of 10, Minato was worried about growing up because he did not want to be alone. But when a girl named Musubi falls from the sky, everything changes. Minato is perplexed by the arrival of Musubi. Minato soon discovers that she is one of the 108 ‘Sekirei,’ beautiful female aliens who are chained to a difficult fate in which they must fight each other. Sekirei is also looking for people with Ashikabi quality. When they kiss someone who is human, they activate their powers.

Musubi kisses Minato. This makes a strong tie between them. He was taken from the normal world to a high-stakes world where there is a never-ending battle. Musubi and Minato should try their best. Then they can stay on the journey. Nonetheless, some people don’t know that something evil is behind the Sekirei plan.

At the end of the first episode, Minato is shown to have many concubines. They are ready to fight for him. The man with dark hair, who is in his thirties, is asked about the story of Nadeshiko by a girl. The previous headmaster and founder of Gakusei Yokai Academy (GCA), Kishimoto Norihiro, tells him that the story started with Ayaki’s death.

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Sekirei Characters

Sekirei Season 3

Minato is a great 19-year-old. He stars in the series. He was great at taking tests when he had time to think about it. But when he was under pressure, he did not do well and failed the test. He did this twice and did not get to go to college. He is rejected by his loved ones because he could not do what he set out to do. He lives alone in Tokyo, and everyone abandoned him. Minato’s life is changed when a woman named Musubi falls from the sky and into his. Musubi is the only Sekirei that Minato falls in love with. Musubi becomes his Ashikabi and they fight other Sekirei to survive. This is done secretly. Minato hides behind a veneer of normalcy so that people do not notice him and he can stay hidden. During the conflict, Minato is seen to be a very good person who is able to help his Sekirei use their powers.

Musubi is one of the 108 Sekirei. The show’s main female protagonist. This girl just appears in Minato’s life without warning. She drops down from the sky and becomes his Ashikabi because she kisses him. Suzumigun is a powerful weapon that was invented by the legendary scientist, Dr. Kiryu Minato. He was able to create everything from ancient civilizations, to famous scientific discoveries. He could even bring people back to life who had died before his time! Musubi is a Sekirei who often fights near other people’s battles. She sometimes wears bigger gloves when she fights because they protect her and help her fight better. Her power is really strong and she can use more powerful assaults than most people. She is good at aggressive strategies, and her attacks are made stronger by her great strength.


Kusano is a very important character in this narrative. She is the second Sekirei and she calls Minato ‘Onii-chan,’ which means big brother. Kusano is puerile and doesn’t care for battles by any means, and can frequently be seen attempting to stop battles. Kusano can make plants grow.


Matsu is a Sekirei that belongs to Minato’s group. She is a PC master and hacker who can control satellites and monitoring gadgets. She can do a lot of work with her computer. The work is important in fights. Matsu is known for her unusually sharp intellect. She calls herself the “Wisdom Sekirei” and she is Minato’s informal planner. Matsu is a special police officer. She has special gadgets that let her watch people whenever she wants to. Matsu and his other Sekireis call her the ‘Shameless Sekirei’.

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Sekirei Season 3

Tsukiumi is the fourth Sekirei. She was originally supposed to kill him. When Minato met this girl, she was 19. She figured out how to get one of his Sekirei. Tsukiumi often says she is Minato’s wife, but Musubi gets mad. She has control of water, which makes her the most powerful Sekirei of Minato.

No one has said anything about the third season of Sekirei. But it might come out in 2021. The whole series of Sekirei is on Amazon Prime Video. It is in English and Japanese.

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Frequently asked Questions

In what episode does Kazehana kiss Minato?

This is episode 3 of season 1. It aired on July 18, 2010. Kazehana is desperate. She fights even when she knows that she is going to die. Minato shields her from death, and she kisses him to get her wings back. Then Kazehana beats up the Disciplinary Squad pair after that happened.

The number 1 Sekirei is Minato.

Ans: Asama Miya

What is the nickname of the player who won the game?

Ans: Takano Kouji


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