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Selena Gomez Before and After- Has She Also Had Work Done on Her Eye Brows?

selena gomez before and after

Gomez was born Selena Marie Gomez (July 22, 1992) in Los Angeles, California. Triple threat? That’s the term the media has given her.

Selena Gomez, like Ariana Grande, is a former child star who has remained in the public eye as she has matured. And did you know that she first appeared on Barney & Friends as a regular cast member at the tender age of ten years old? Selenators may already be aware of this, but if not, we’re happy to share it with you!

As long as we – and she, we’re sure – can remember, the 29-year-old singer and actress has been in the public eye, and we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her transformation from a child to an adolescent to a stunning young woman she is today. While some of this may be due to ageing in general, we wonder how much is attributable to outside help. I invite you to peruse some images of her…

The Progression of Selena Gomez’s Beauty

Aside from her acting career, Only Murders In The Building actress also founded her own cosmetics company, Rare Beauty, back in September 2020. This means that she knows a great deal about fashion, skincare, make-up and hair care.

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One per cent of Rare Beauty’s sales go to the Rare Impact Fund, which helps people with mental health issues get the help they need.) Because we’re not worthy enough to call Selena a saint!

How much of the “Good for You” singer’s changing appearance is due to clever makeup, and how much is due to something more invasive and permanent, shall we say? Fans and non-fans alike have wondered if Selena has had some Botox or facial fillers over the years, but we don’t see much evidence to support this at this time.

Because A-listers have been known to begin these procedures in their early twenties, even though Sel is still young with natural collagen, it is possible that Sel will follow suit.

Is Selena’s Nose Surgically Altered?

Even though she hasn’t been dogged by rumours of plastic surgery like some other former child stars, rhinoplasty is one procedure that is frequently brought up in the “has she/hasn’t she” debate.

Sel’s nose appears to have had some work done to it thanks to the help of some surgeons, but not a full nose job. Instead, the tip has been reshaped. This procedure is referred to as a “tip rhinoplasty” if you want to sound educated. It makes sense to us that she had a nose that was already so perfect.

Has She Also Had Work Done on Her Brows and On Her Eyelids?

Selena + Chef’s eyes are one of the first things we notice when comparing before-and-after photos of the actress. This makes us more inclined to believe that she has had some work done. Aside from the fact that her eyes appeared flawless to us, we have no idea why she underwent the alleged surgery.

The increased space between her eyelids and eyebrows, as well as the decreased space between her eyebrows and forehead, suggests that she has had a surgical brow lift. Sel must have been extremely unhappy with her eyes in order to undergo such a major procedure for such a minor difference (if not comparing side-by-side pictures and using a ruler).

Selena Gomez’s Breast Augmentation Is a Matter of Debate

No one knows for sure if the “Lose You to Love Me” singer has had a breast enlargement, but since we’re discussing alleged surgeries, we thought it was appropriate to mention it.

Over the years, a few images have sparked speculation that she’s made some changes to her body, most notably her breasts; this has led to a lot of fan speculation.

The Verdict Has Finally Been Delivered

In the following paragraphs, things begin to get interesting. Many social media users have speculated about whether or not she has undergone any cosmetic surgery. Over 1,520 people have commented on a TikTok post by @drlee90210 discussing her potential surgeries, and the vast majority of them believe she hasn’t had anything done, attributing her facial changes to ageing, makeup, and an understanding of angles.

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According to one self-proclaimed non-fan, “you can clearly see she has nothing done” despite the fact that they’re not a fan. Others chimed in, saying, “She looks exactly the same,” while another wrote, “Yeah, tbh I don’t think she’s had any work done.”

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