SEO Black Friday – Technical Tips for Ranking a Black Friday Landing Page

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the year’s biggest s and greatest opportunities for online sellers. There are many ways and channels to promote products online, but the one that cannot be done overnight is SEO. It has a high potential to boost sales of each entrepreneur who got their website SEO Black Friday optimized. Many entrepreneurs who offer services should look for ways to optimize their Black Friday SEO deals. 

Launching a Black Friday Landing Page Earlier Than Others

Many businesses are waiting until the last moment to launch their Black Friday SEO deals landing page. This happens because they make the mistake of planning their Black Friday strategy too close to the actual event. It is known that setting up the Black Friday landing page at the beginning of November or even at the end of October is too late. Because of that, the sooner a page is set up, the more time it will have to be indexed in google and be SEO black Friday optimized. 

The Black Friday LP doesn’t need to have all the details of the Black Friday SEO deals or promotions on the page. It can be simply launched as a generic landing page with links to the product categories, a generic copy, links to the existing sales, and Black Friday FAQs. A newsletter sign-up form might also be helpful for lead generation and also to let the users know when the page is updated with the actual Black Friday promotion. 

Create the SEO Black Friday Content for the Landing Page

Getting some SEO Black Friday content ready for the landing page before the promotion starts will help the page rank faster for the long-tail BF keywords. The content should also be relevant and as useful as possible for the users. Providing high-quality content on a website will increase the user’s time spent on it, which shows Google that the website is interesting for the users.

Optimized Meta Description and Page Title Tags Are a Must

Another important practice that most marketers are doing is to update the page title to the current year. The meta description of a Black Friday landing page is also recommended to be optimized. Another best practice is to write an enticing snippet, increasing the click-throughs to the website from SERP. Moreover, including USPs like next-day delivery, free shipping, and so on proved to be another good practice, if they are applicable. 

Optimize Your Black Friday SEO DealsĀ 

In the ongoing Black Friday process, another best practice that many marketers use is to get their Black Friday SEO deals optimized and the landing page. This can be done by pointing the internal links to the Black Friday landing page. If you apply this method, the crawlers will have an easier time finding the landing page. And also, having the landing page linked from the footer, navigation menu, sitemap, homepage, HTML sitemap, and others can also help your landing page finding process.

The homepage, from an SEO standpoint, is the most substantial page of your website; having a link to the landing page will help. In addition, many marketers are linking from the homepage to their most important pages because it passes that link authority and offers the linked pages the boost they strongly need. 

The Landing Page Must Be On-page Optimized

SEO Black Friday - Technical Tips for Ranking a Black Friday Landing Page

On-page SEO is highly important to search engine optimizations as it provides Google with the necessary information on each piece of content from the website. Google understands the better the content, the higher the website will rank in the search engine, bringing more organic traffic to it. Moreover, if it is done right, on-page SEO will also improve the user experience.  

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving to offer its user the best experience. For instance, in 2021, it updated and improved its search algorithm more than 5000 times based on 800,000 experiments it ran. But still, after all these improvements, it could be better. It still needs help processing the data and understanding the new content. This is where on-page SEO optimization comes in. 

Luckily, the on-page SEO optimization strategy is not as hard as many people make it out to be. There are a few important ranking factors on which anyone should focus. A common mistake many marketers make is optimizing bots’ content. Of course, this is important as well, but the biggest priority of marketers should be to create an incredible user experience. 

With every Search Engine algorithm update, more emphasis is brought to the user experience. Soon, websites’ authority will be determined by how well they serve the browsing user rather than the crawling bot.

The Best On-Page Optimization Practices for Black Friday Landing Page

SEO Black Friday - Technical Tips for Ranking a Black Friday Landing Page
  1. Optimizing their headings and copy by including a “Black Friday” phrase in the page’s H1 title. H2, H3, and H4 headings are also important and should include relevant keywords.
  2. Optimizing the page content with target keywords and other black Friday variations.
  3. Optimizing the images and making sure that the images’ filenames use keywords. It would be best if you also implemented image alt attributes.
  4. Ensure that the image’s alt text and the filenames contain the phrase “Black Friday”.

By having everything above implemented and verified, website owners can be sure that google will find their landing page way easier than before and hopefully will be better ranked in search engines.

Final Thoughts

To be on top, you need to know that SEO is a long-term game with high competitiveness, and as the old quote says, “the best moment to start is yesterday” because of that, the faster anyone gets into it, the faster the results will come. Therefore, following the tips above and optimizing the website’s SEO on Black Friday will help any entrepreneur generate more organic traffic to his website. And also, by optimizing their Black Friday SEO deals, they will surely see significant revenue increases.