Serayah and Jacob Latimore Split: Serayah Gets Cozy with Joey Bada$$!

Serayah and Jacob Latimore’s romance has been the subject of gossip, but the 27-year-old actress has now officially declared the end of a legendary period. Following their initial encounter at the BET Awards through common acquaintances, the ex-couple made their public debut in 2016. The couple has finally ended their relationship after years of publicly promoting it.

Jacob and I are no longer dating.— Unfortunately, we just drifted away, and I admire and appreciate his future endeavors, the Empire actor stated in a statement.

The allegation was originally brought up by Serayah’s appearance on Joey Bada$$’s Instagram, which sparked fan speculation (February 26). The two appeared to be cuddling up to one another in a restaurant shot that appeared to be romantic in nature


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One person commented, “this better be marketing for something,” while another added, “hearts shattering over the world.” The post was welcomed with uncertainty. Naturally, a lot of people didn’t like Serayah’s decision to focus on Joey instead of Jacob.

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As Joey Bada$$ posts a picture of Serayah, concerns arise


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Serayah clarified the situation during an Instagram live video when confusion was still there in response to the rapper’s tweet. When fans asked her in her video whether she was dating the Maze Runner actor, she said, “No, I am not. I no longer am. When the California native’s admirers persisted in bombarding her with remarks, life became more confrontational.

“People believe that it is so simple to stand on the podium and blather on. I’m just telling you to calm down. It’s done,” she said. After the live, Serayah posted a selfie with Joey on Instagram to officially introduce her new beau. Despite Serayah’s admission of their separation, the photo, which glitzily showed the two celebrities holding hands on a bridge, nonetheless caused disappointment from commenters.

Prior to this, both Serayah and Jacob had been outspoken about their romance, with a mention on BET’s Millennial Love Stories. The pair described the beginnings of their relationship and how they balanced making their love known while advancing their jobs in their episode with optimism.

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They never hesitated to publish photos of one another on social media when they were dating. Suddenly, it appears that Serayah’s and Jacob’s feeds are free of one another.