Sesame Place Controversy- Brown Declared on Twitter, “I Will Never Again Step Foot in @sesameplace”

Monday (July 18) Sesame Place issued a statement declaring it does not allow discrimination and stating that the costumes often “make it difficult to see at lower levels.” This is a request to hold a baby for a photograph, which is not permitted, the theme park said when it came to the “no” motion.

Brown criticized Sesame Place’s explanation for the incident. no one asked them to hold a child or pose for a picture while they were standing next to me,”

Since Black Females Were Not Included in A Parade, the Park Issued an Apology

Sesame Street-themed entertainment park apologized and pledged further training for employees after a video of a costumed character waving off two 6-year-old Black children during a parade went viral.

After Rosita high-fived a white child and woman, she walked away from the two girls who had their arms outstretched for a high-five and a hug during the march at Sesame Place in Langhorne outside of Philadelphia, where the event was held on Saturday.

Brown Declared on Twitter, “I Will Never Again Step Foot in @sesameplace”

sesame place controversy

B’Ivory LaMarr, the family’s lawyer, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the incident and “the injuries disseminated to their children” have shocked and troubled the family.

According to Sesame Place, “inclusivity and equality in all forms” is what they stand for. Another point made in the statement was that artists frequently overlook requests for hugs because the costumes they wear make it difficult to see at lower levels.

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Rosalina’s statement read, “The Rosita performer did not purposely disregard the girls, and is grieved by the misunderstanding,” according to the statement.

People were outraged, and some even advocated for a boycott of the amusement park as a result of the outpouring of their feelings online.

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Apologies and promises to “do better” were made in a second statement from the park on Monday. Inclusion training for staff would be one of these attempts.

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“The presence of these issues” was brought to light by both the statements and the video, according to LaMarr.
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According to him, “because we are regrettably used to dealing with this form of bigotry in numerous venues,” many African Americans have become complacent. “Sesame Street” fans have been flocking to this theme park since the 1970s. When did it first open?

sesame place controversy

“You would expect a credible company, such as Sesame Street and Sesame Place, to stand on those ideas and ideals in which they portray,” LaMarr said. A firm comes out and dismisses the harms that were inflicted, rather than the other way around, according to one family member.

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