Will There Be Season 2 Of This Apple TV+ Series Severance?

Satire/dark comedy/thriller/mystery series Severance, available to Apple TV+, is everything a cinema fan could want and more. Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine, and Lost all come together in Severance to create a film that is nothing short of amazing in its ability to combine these three genres.

Despite its ambitious scope, Severance manages to deliver a gripping week-to-week plot while still delivering on the show’s overarching themes.

It revolves around a man named Mark (Adam Scott) who has undergone a surgery called “severance,” which completely isolates his employment (for a company that’s either evil, cult-like, or a little of both) from his private life, where he’s still mourning the loss of his wife. He has no idea what’s going on outside of his office when he’s in it.

Nothing about his work life is known to him when he leaves the workplace. It’s for this reason that “innies” and “outies” have been coined for Mark (and his Lumon coworkers, who have also undergone this procedure):

Apple TV+ renews 'Severance' for season 2 >

You get the picture. When it comes to the current work/life balance, Severance is a satirical take on this topic, but it also serves as an intense, suspenseful thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire season.

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While Dan Erickson is the show’s creator, Ben Stiller is the show’s biggest creative force, serving as both an executive producer and director on six of the season’s nine episodes.

As a comedic actor, Stiller is most known for his roles in Zoolander and Meet the Parents, but he’s also a talented filmmaker who has directed shorts for his brilliant-but-brief-lived show The Ben Stiller Show, as well as the films Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, Zoolander and Tropic Thunder.

Severance Season 2: Apple TV+ Renews Series | IndieWire

Severance continues his winning record as a filmmaker (we can all agree to overlook Zoolander 2) while allowing him to broaden his skill set both artistically and thematically.

He made the leap to television with Escape at Dannemora a few years ago. Severance is a remarkable series on many levels.

Once we’ve wrapped out the first season of Severance, it’s time to ponder about what can happen in Season 2.

When the show’s Season 1 finale aired, we’ll likely have a better understanding of what’s going on. Now we simply have to wonder how the news will get to all of our innies.

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Is Severance going to be back for the second season?

Severance' Review: Adam Scott's Corporate Job Literally Splits Him in Two in Eerie Apple TV+ Series

There’s no doubt about that. This announcement was made ahead of the Season 1 finale, which will see the continuation of Severance.

Since its debut on Apple TV+, Severance has captivated audiences across the world with its deep characters, thanks to creator Dan Erickson and the brilliant Ben Stiller, and an incredible cast and crew,” Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, said in a statement.

The second season of “Lumon” promises to “delve further into this entirely unique world” and “uncover new levels of Lumon.”

Stiller said that he’s thrilled by the positive reaction the show has received from viewers, and that he’s ready to keep doing it. It’s been a lengthy journey to get Severance on TV, he remarked. Five years ago, I read Dan’s pilot for the first time.”

This is a multi-season story, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” You may learn more about the history of Severance by reading Esquire’s profile of Stiller.

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Severance Season 2: What’s in store?

Severance' Renewed for Season 2 at Apple – The Hollywood Reporter

After the Season 1 conclusion, we’ll let you know what’s going on. Season 1 of Severance is so unpredictable that we don’t know where the final episode of Season 1 will leave us.

Mark, Dylan, Irv, and Helly could all solve the mystery, or it could all go horribly wrong; there’s no way we can predict what will happen.

Season 1’s finale is expected to shed some light on Mark and Ms. Casey (Gemma!), and how they came there in their current situation.

Dylan and Helly’s situation on the outside, and what Ms. Cobel is up to, also intrigue us. Furthermore, Irv and Burt must be considered; if they are not reunited in any way—innie, outie, whatever!—we will be extremely disappointed.

Season 2’s promise of further facets of Lumon suggests that we may witness flashbacks or a full examination of the origins of Lumon and the methods by which Kier Eagan (the virtually certain cult leader who formed Lumon) persuaded others to join him in the coming season.

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Who are the Severance cast members for Season 2?

Severance' Review: Ben Stiller's Apple TV+ Office Thriller Is Amazing | IndieWire

This is an excellent question; the Season 2 announcement didn’t make it apparent if any of our Season 1 cast, which includes Adam Scott, Zachary Cherry, Patricia Arquette, Tramell Tillman, Britt Lower, John Turturro, and Christopher Walken, will be returning for Season 2.

I’d be thrilled if any of them made a comeback! Although it is possible that the programme will move to another plot wholly within the Lumon/Severance universe.

When will Severance, Season 2 be released?

Even though we have no clue, a reasonable bet would be sometime in the winter or spring of 2023.