Shake Chatterjee Weighs in On Deepti and Kyle’s Breakup on Love Is Blind!

Shake Chatterjee is not ignoring his ex-new girlfriend’s relationship.

Shake is offering his uncensored thoughts on the subject just three days after Love Is Blind actors Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams claimed they had discreetly called it quits.

He shared this on his Instagram Story: “This appears to be the real deal. NO power-hungry sycophants here, “along with a re-post of the story that broke the news of Deepti and Kyle’s breakup.

Although the couple had not yet announced their breakup to the public, Shake had already posted criticisms of their relationship earlier this week.

Shake Chatterjee Weighs in On Deepti and Kyle's Breakup on Love Is Blind!

While answering a fan’s query on whether or not Deepti and Kyle Abrams were still together, Shake accused the two of acting out their relationship.

“They never should have been considered a couple. It was an agreed-upon publicity stunt, “According to Screenrant, Shake worked on his story. What lengths people will go to in exchange for power disgusts me.

In the second season of Love Is Blind, Deepti said no to marrying Shake at the altar.

After Kyle said he “should’ve asked Deepti to marry me” on the season finale’s March 4 reunion broadcast, viewers speculated for months that he and Deepti were romantically involved. After the Altar episodes premiered on September 16, it wasn’t until then that the two admitted they were dating.

In an update to his fans three days after the shows aired, Kyle revealed his current relationship status.

The relationship between Deepti and Kyle was the subject of Kyle’s Instagram post on September 19. Because “After the Alter” was shot, we went our separate ways in the spring of that year.

He then revealed that he had moved on to another partner.

I’ve started a new relationship since then, he said, but he doesn’t plan to talk about it for a while. “I have no idea what lies ahead of us. The future me plans to enjoy each day as it comes without looking back.”