Shakira Says She’s ‘Hurt’ by Ex’s New Gf but ‘set by Myself’ in Breakup Song Amid Gerard Piqué Drama

Shakira sings in the song, “Never back with you, you are bad luck / Because now the blessings pour on me.” When discussing her split from Gerard Piqué, Shakira is letting her music do the talking.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer collaborated with fellow Colombian superstar Karol G for the new song “TQG.

” In the song, the stars discuss watching a former partner move on and how the relationship has made them stronger.

The song’s lyrics appear to be Shakira’s direct response to her June breakup from Piqué, 36, who has since begun dating Clara Chia Marti, 23.

Although it hurt me to see you with the new person, I’m already by myself. The song’s lyrics are sung by Shakira in English translation from Spanish. “I forgot what we did, and that’s what offended you. I even got better through life. You are no longer permitted to enter.

I noticed the object that your girlfriend threw at me; instead of getting angry, I laugh.”

In the chorus of the song in Spanish, the singer is quoted as saying that she doesn’t “repeat mistakes” and that her ex’s “new baby” should be aware that she also doesn’t “compete for men.”

The lyrics read, “Tell her to stop pulling, that at least I made you look pretty.” “You left and I’ve put on my ‘triple M’ / Better, harder, lighter (more, more, more) / Never go back with you, you bring bad luck because blessings are now showering on me.

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Shakira Says She's 'Hurt' By Ex's New GF But 'Set By Myself' in Breakup Song amid Gerard Piqué Drama

Shakira, 46, and Karol G, 32, both sing about how the unnamed ex “still looks[s] for me” despite appearing “happy with your new life.”

“Baby, what was it? / Couldn’t you swallow me?” they sing.

The singers change the word “I love you” from “TQM,” which stands for “te quiero mucho,” to “TQG,” which stands for “te quedó grande,” which translates to “I’m too big for you.”

After two years, Karol G called off her engagement to 30-year-old rapper Anuel AA.

The song comes after “BZRP Music Session #53,” which Shakira and Argentine producer Bizarrap released last month. The song’s lyrics appeared to give listeners a detailed look into the dissolution of her 11-year marriage to Piqué, 36, as well as her choice to relocate to Milan with the couple’s sons Sasha, 8, and Milan, 10.

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Shakira slams ex Gerard Piqué with new revenge song — read the translated lyrics

She refers to her 2009 hit “She Wolf,” which was released just before the pair met in 2010, in the song, saying, “Sorry baby, I should have thrown you out a while ago / A she-wolf like me is not for rookies / A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you.” I’m too good for you, which explains why you’re dating a person who is similar to you.

Like “TQG,” the song seems to be referring to Marti, who made her Instagram relationship with Piqué official on January 25.

Shakira sings, “I wish you luck with my supposed replacement / I even don’t know what happened to you.” “I’m equivalent to two 22-year-olds. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio, and you’re moving too quickly. Spend a lot of time working out, but your brain also needs some exercise.”

The new song is the follow-up to the “She Wolf” singer’s Valentine’s Day lip-syncing video to SZA’s “Kill Bill,” which is about a scorned woman who indulges in her most irrational revenge fantasies in an effort to soothe her broken heart.