What is Sharyn Alfonsi’s Illness? Discover Her Inspiring Journey of Hope and Healing

American correspondent for 60 Minutes named Sharyn Elizabeth Alfonsi. Sharyn Alfonsi started working in broadcast journalism in 1995 as a local news reporter for KHBS-KHOG-TV in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She later worked for WVEC-TV in Norfolk, KIRO-TV in Seattle, and WBZ-TV in Boston, Massachusetts.

She began working for CBS News in 2002, serving as the lead reporter on a number of national and international stories. Alfonsi regularly contributed to CBS Sunday Morning and served as a weekend replacement anchor for the CBS Evening News. In 2008, she left CBS to work for ABC News. Later, she went back to CBS and started working for 60 Minutes Sports. Over the course of eight seasons, Alfonsi has been a regular on 60 Minutes since his debut in 2015.

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What Happened to 60 Minutes Sharyn Alfonsi?

sharyn alfonsi illness

American award-winning data reporter Sharyn Alfonsi has finished her sixth season with CBS’s 60 Minutes program. On March 1st, 2015, she debuted on 60 Minutes. She was awarded the duPont-Columbia Journalism Prize in 2019, one of journalism’s highest honors. A Columbia University-du Pont Silver Baton was given to her for her reporting on the refugee problem at the US-Mexico border in April 2019. Additionally, the order received a Columbia University-du Pont Silver Baton in April 2019.

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Fans of journalist Sharyn Alfonsi have seen changes in her, despite the fact that she has not yet started a weight loss makeover. The data reporter appears to be in good health every day and does not appear to have lost any weight. As news of her weight reduction spreads online, her followers seem to be worried about her health. According to reports, the eminent journalist weighs 58 kg and is 5 ft, 5 inches tall, and she appears to be in fantastic condition.

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Alfonsi’s Sharyn’s Illness

sharyn alfonsi illness

Since she was 23 years old, Sharyn Alfonsi has been employed in the media and has established a reputation for herself. However, there is no information available regarding the journalist’s health. When she went on camera on CBS’s 60 Minutes in 2022, she was in great health.

Many of us started to worry about her well-being once the story of her cheap weight began to spread online. Award-winning journalist Sharyn has not published any health-related advice. The journalist appears to be in great health and is doing well in both her personal and professional lives, so she must be.

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Sharyn Alfonsi’s Husband

sharyn alfonsi illness

Compared to his wife, who spends her days interviewing athletes and covering significant news stories, Matt Eby has a very different career path. Alfonsi’s 60-minute segment on the Parkland shooting is one of her best attempts. Eby began working at Morgan Stanley in investment banking after earning a degree from Harvard Business School. He presently serves as the executive director and chairman of the First Street Foundation in addition to being a managing partner at Tengram Capital Partners.

In Annapolis, Maryland, Eby also studied at the United States Naval Academy. Eby is a former officer in the US Navy. Eby’s exact age is unclear, but it is believed that he is in his mid-to late-forties. Eby and Alfonsi have been wed for approximately 20 years. They first connected in the 1990s, when Alfonsi was a student at the University of Mississippi, through a mutual friend. Alfonsi and Eby’s wedding is believed to have taken place in the mid-and late 1990s, however, the exact date is unknown. Alfonsi and Eby’s two children are Wyatt and Flynn Eby. Flynn and Wyatt both arrived on the scene in 2014.