Sienna Mae Is Not Dead, and We Must Put an End to The 2022 Tiktok Fad!

When Sienna Mae began dating Jack Wright, it made headlines and sparked a crazy trend. Sienna is alive and well and not dead.

TikTok has gained notoriety for popularizing a wide range of trends, some of which might be harmful to society. Sienna, who has been MIA from the service for some time, is the subject of the most recent commotion on the site.

After the scandal with Jack Wright unfolded, the TikTok star reportedly decided to take a hiatus from the app.

Viral Tiktok Needs to Come to An End

Sienna Mae Is Not Dead, and We Must Put an End to The 2022 Tiktok Fad!

You probably saw tweets or TikTok videos proclaiming Sienna Mae’s death before you found this article. The celebrity has been doing good and even improving as she has taken time away from the platforms to work on her mental health.

Some TikTok users, however, have joined the bandwagon of imitators in an effort to spread these hurtful stories. Many of these have over 100,000 views.

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Sienna Is Alive and Doing Just Fine

Despite her hiatus from social media since January, Sienna Mae has been very productive on her site.

Her most recent entry, dated March 31st, focuses on her recent Muze Magazine feature. One thing no one really talks about when you’re entering into the entertainment business is how frightening it may be especially as a young woman to walk onto a set with individuals who are two or three times your age and have been working for a long time, as the social media influencer writes.

She elaborated, “It was such a fantastic feeling when I got the idea that all the pros I was working with took the time to offer some of their talents, which is precisely what happened on set that day.

The session was a lot of fun, and everyone involved was really talented. We were blasting Ariana Grande on the stereo, drinking Starbucks, and trying out some new hairstyles.

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How to Report Such Videos on Tiktok

Sienna Mae Is Not Dead, and We Must Put an End to The 2022 Tiktok Fad!q

We urge you to report any videos you come across that appear to be spreading these rumors. The following are the measures you can take to accomplish this:

Just tap the white arrow on the video’s right side.

Pick the flag-shaped “report” button.

Choose the optimal solution from the provided choices.

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