Who is Siew Pui Yi? Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Biography, Complete Info!

Who is Siew Pui Yi? Siew Pui Yi is a Malaysian actress and model. She was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 10th, 1990. Her zodiac sign is Libra. You can find out more about her here!

Siew Pui Yi is a Malaysian male model, adult actor, and has a following of 12.6 million on Instagram. She is also a Social Media Star, Instagram Influencer, and TikTok Star. Her followers are interested in learning more about her Personal Life, Career, and Relationship Status since she is well-known on social media, so wasting any time would be a waste.

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Who is Siew Pui Yi, and what is her significance?

Siew Pui Yi, a 22-year-old Instagram model with about 12.6 million followers and 291 Instagram posts, is the subject of this post. She generated money by advertising a variety of items on her Instagram and other social media accounts is a social media influencer.

Siew Pui Yi gets most of her money from the OnlyFans account, which she uses to charge $31.49 for 30 days with 10% off, $83.96 for 3 months with 20% off, and $230.93 for 12 months with 45% off. Siew Pui Yi, meanwhile, operates a makeup website called MSPuiYiCosmetic.com, which she co-owns with her spouse. She offers Lip Gloss and Lip Matte on the site. On her website, a Lip Gloss collection ranges from $79 to $99, in addition to which she has a Youtube channel. On October 28, 2013, Siew launched her Youtube channel, where she currently has 39.6k subscribers and the most viewed video is ‘My Working Routine,’ which has been seen 133k times.

Siew Pui Yi began her career as a freelance fashion model at the age of 15, after which she worked with a small group of photographers, at the age of 18 did several photoshoots, advertisements, and music videos. She signed a three-year contract with an artist management agency at the age of 19. She was chosen as Asia’s best influencer by the International Asia Wang Hong Award. Siew Pui Yi is one of the most famous celebrities in Malaysia. She has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and 19,000 fans on Facebook. Currently, she is one of the most popular social media influencers in the country.

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She presently resides in Kuala Lumpur, but we don’t know too much about her early life. We will keep you informed as soon as we receive any information about the issue. Aside from being an Instagram celebrity, she has also been seen on platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and OnlyFans. Elizabeth has also established a Youtube channel under her own name, where she uploads vlogs, beauty and fashion tutorials.

Siew Pui Yi

Siew Pui Yi was able to seal some agreements with a number of well-known firms through which she makes a significant sum of money. She began working as a freelance writer, but her profession has now advanced considerably. She previously performed various odd jobs to make money, but she is now firmly established in her chosen field of work. She went to a private high school and doesn’t have any sort of graduation degree from the University. She is living the high life these days, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with cars, a mansion, and other luxuries.

Unlike other celebrities, Siew Pui Yi didn’t keep her relationship status secret. She is in a relationship with Ezunlim, an Entrepreneur, and co-founder of MSPUIYI COSMETICS. Siew Pui Yi was born on August 1, 1998, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and she is now 22 years old. We know nothing about her parents, but she has a sister who frequently appears in her Youtube videos.

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Siew Pui Yi’s Boyfriend

Siew Pui Yi is estimated to have a Net Worth of between $1 million and $3 million USD.

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