Sigourney Weaver, Star of “Good House” Said: It’s Not Hard to Love Kevin Kline!

NEW YORK, September 29 — Sigourney Weaver, known for her roles in Ghostbusters, Working Girl, and Avatar, says that having Kevin Kline, her close friend and former co-star on the sitcom Dave, by her side helped her feel secure while diving into the film’s deep emotional waters.

We’ve known each other for a long time and collaborated in the past. In a Zoom interview with UPI on Monday, Weaver said, “I totally trust Kevin.”

It was a significant role for me, and I felt like I was flying through the air on a trapeze. I trusted that Kevin would be waiting at the bottom of the void when I let go. That was very kind of him, and I am very grateful to him. Really, really enjoyable. Additionally, Kevin Kline is involved. Infatuation with Kevin Kline is a breeze.

The film adaptation of Ann Leary’s novel starring Jacki Weaver as real estate agent Hildy Good, who turns to alcohol to combat competitors and provide for her two adult daughters and ex-husband in the New England coastal town where her family has resided for more than 300 years, is set to open in theatres this Friday.

Kline plays Frank Getchell, a local contractor and Hildy’s high school sweetheart whom she decides to give another chance. In addition to Rebecca Henderson and Molly Brown, the cast also includes David Rasche, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, and Beverly D’Angelo.

Sigourney Weaver, Star of "Good House" Said: It's Not Hard to Love Kevin Kline!

It was told from the perspective of a mature lady. who has never been funny before Therefore, I immediately felt incredibly fortunate,” said Weaver, 72.

“You meet this woman who has been at the top of her game, worked very hard her whole life, and taken care of everybody else, and suddenly everything is slipping through her fingers,” she explained. She’s upset because her husband left her, her kids made her go to rehab, and she might lose her business.

The actress said she related to Hildy because she, too, is willing to help out a friend in need but hates asking for assistance herself.

Since no one else cares about her, she has turned to alcohol and her dogs for comfort. Weaver once remarked about Hildy, “She won’t let them be;” she is always there to help out her family, and she is also quick to help out her customers and neighbors.

Kevin Kline’s high school boyfriend Frank, played by Kevin Kline, is finally allowed inside. In opening herself up to this man, she experiences profound change.

Throughout the film, Hildy gives the viewers insight into her thoughts by addressing them directly.

Weaver explains that Hildy’s “private Hildy,” who is much more fun even though she is at home kicking back and opening a bottle of forbidden pinot noir, breaks the fourth wall and takes the audience into her confidence, and tells them what’s really going on.

Hildy’s drinking is comic relief at the beginning of the story, and she appears to have her drinking under control. However, as the pressure mounts, her unreliability and carelessness become increasingly apparent.

Weaver said that despite the gravity of the situation, she hoped that viewers would take some solace in the character’s “getting loaded” at the start of the film.

Sigourney Weaver, Star of "Good House" Said: It's Not Hard to Love Kevin Kline!

At the end of the day, she just wants to kick back, undo her bra, and relax with a drink. That’s an accomplishment that nobody should be mad at her for.

To play a woman so firmly rooted in one place, someone who knows the town and its inhabitants inside and out was appealing to Weaver as well.

Sigourney Weaver has admitted that, despite Hildy’s flaws, she still admires her.

They say Hildy is a witch because of rumors that her ancestor, Sarah Good, was one of the Salem witches and that Hildy herself has the ability to read minds.

The fascinating thing about her is that she is very intelligent and has great insight into other people, but she has little self-awareness. I find it fascinating that someone as intelligent as Hildy can be so blind to her own predicament.

The idea of intelligent people who fail to recognize the harm they are causing themselves struck a chord with me.

It was so much fun to spend time with Hildy. Her company is delightful, and she has my support for Hildy. You hope that everything is fine with her.