Singer Will “Always Be My Gift,” According to Britney Spears’ Mother Lynne!

Britney Spears’s mother, Lynne Spears, is gushing over her. This week, Britney posted a quote from an unidentified author on Instagram, and her mother commented on it. The message read, “Gonna go lay under the tree to tell my family that I am a gift.”

“Of the three of us, you were the first daughter. We all thought of you as a priceless gift!” Before mentioning Sandra Covington, her late sister, and Sandra’s daughter, Laura Lynne, Lynne made a remark.

“Aunt Sandra yearned for a daughter child so badly! Then, Laura Lynne appeared!” wrote Lynne. “My sister and I really loved sharing a cot with you two sometimes!” You have always been and always will be my gift, Lynne said.

Even though Britney removed the comment her mother made on the post, she later reposted it. Lynne’s remark coincides with Britney’s strained connection with her family following the end of her 13-year conservatorship in November.

A source tells ET that Lynne was not invited to Britney’s June wedding to Sam Asghari, nor was Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears and her father Jamie Spears. The source stated, “Inviting them was never a question, ever since Britney and Sam [began] talking about getting married and arranging their wedding

Singer Will "Always Be My Gift," According to Britney Spears' Mother Lynne!

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Bryan Spears, Britney’s brother, was not present despite there being rumors that he may receive an invitation. On social media, his girlfriend, Amber Conklin, said that she and Bryan were unable to attend the wedding since it fell on the same day as their daughter’s fifth-grade graduation. Bryan was not invited at all, according to Britney.

“You were never given a wedding invitation by me. You’ve harmed me, and you know it “Part of what Britney said was in a venomous Instagram post. “Although my family goes deep and I am aware that you are my blood, none of my relatives would treat me the way you did. Bryan, Fk you, and GO FK YOURSELF.”

Even though the Spears family didn’t attend Britney’s wedding, the bride’s mother did remark on her daughter’s Instagram post about the event.

Lynne commented, “You look radiant and so happy. “Your nuptials are the “ideal” nuptials! And the fact that you have it at home makes it so emotive and unique! I’m very thrilled for you! I adore you.”

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