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slawsa net worth

In episode 510, Julie Busha, an old “hot dog pal” of mine, joins Slawsa in the Shark Tank. It’s a coleslaw, mustard, and salsa mixture that goes well with hot dogs and hamburgers. Julie is a determined businesswoman who has gotten it on the shelves of over 4,000 supermarkets across the country, including Roche Brothers, which is directly down the street from me.

She’s in talks with Walmart in the weeks leading up to the premiere of her show, and she’s working on orders from a slew of other markets and large box stores. Slawsa is available in both consumer and foodservice gallon jugs.

Julie became associated with Slawsa after the inventor asked for her assistance in promoting the product. Julie had 12 years of NASCAR marketing experience, and in less than a year, she had the product on the shelves in over 3,000 supermarkets! She bought the entire company in 2013, therefore Slawsa is now her baby!

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Recap of The Slawsa Shark Tank

slawsa net worth

Julie didn’t obtain a deal, but she earned the respect of the Sharks. Every Shark was amazed when she gave a heartfelt “speech” about the sacrifices she took to make her firm succeed. Julie didn’t need the Sharks because she’s already in over 5,000 stores (and counting) and is negotiating with Walmart and other large retailers.

Slawsa’s Net Worth and Shark Tank Update

Julie was able to continue to use her marketing knowledge to grow the company despite her failure to land a Shark deal. She’s increased her retail reach to over 7,000 locations, including Lowes! She appeared in a program with Dave Ramsey, a friend of Mark Cuban’s, and she claims he commented on her words about economic responsibility. During her presentation, she clearly made an impression on the Sharks.

Julie has continued to expand the brand and get her goods into store shelves over the years. She is still in business and has a $5 million annual income as of August 2021.

The majority of food businesses are founded by foodies who wish to share their creations with the world. Julie is a marketer who purchased a food firm, and her success speaks for itself. Slawsa has brought her more than a taste of success with her business acumen and attention on the business side of the organization.

slawsa net worth

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Shark Tank’s Slawsa

Busha, Julie I entered the Shark Tank and took the stage. She introduced herself to the Sharks and stated that she was come to receive a $100,000 investment in exchange for 15% ownership of her firm, condimentsSlawsa. She inquired of the Sharks if they’d ever gone to a grilling or tailgate event where their condiments had been appreciated. Julia claimed that traditional sauces were monotonous.

Slawsa, she claimed, was going to change their lives. Julia described Slawsa as a mix of slaw and salsa. Julia claimed that her new condiment could be used as a dip or to top burgers or hotdogs. She gave the Sharks some samples. Lori rolled her eyes as she told them it was “Slaw-some.”

Julia revealed to the Sharks that she had created four distinct flavors for this continent. Robert received a sample of Garlic and Garlic Spicy from her. She also mentioned that they had an Original and a standard Spicy flavor. Julia advised the Sharks to try the Slawsa before putting it on the hot dogs that were also on the platter.

Lori inquired about the condiment’s ingredients, which Julia revealed to be cabbage and salsa. Robert was curious about her sales figures. Julia told him she had been in business for a year and a half and had gotten 4200 stores in that period. Lori was taken aback. Julia stated that her first year’s sales totaled $120,000. Her sales for the rest of the year were expected to be $500,000.

Lori inquired as to what stories she was involved in. Julie approached her and informed her that she was at a number of large grocery stores, including Kroger’s and Publix. Robert was curious as to how she had gotten those accounts. Julia told him that she went out to sell the merchandise herself and that she was really aggressive about it. Mark laughed and complimented her on her work.

Robert was curious about Julia’s background in the industry. She told him it was inspired by an old family recipe passed down from a former business partner. Julia informed them that she had purchased the company partner. Mark inquired about the price she spent to purchase the existing business. Julia informed him that she had made a $50,000 payment.

Mark wanted a complete picture of the company. He explained that there are many various types of relish, but she had gone ahead and created her own. Julia stated that there is nothing else on the market that compares to Slawsa. Robert inquired about the cost of the product in comparison to a typical relish. Julia informed him that the price would be 20% higher.

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She explained that this was due to the fact that making Slawsa required more effort than relish. Julia confirmed that she had a co-packer for the product when Kevin asked. He wanted to know how much it cost her to make it and how much it sold for. Julia told him that each flavor cost $1.25 to make and $2.25 to sell. Julia told Kevin that she was paying a royalty to the partner she had bought out. She paid between.66 and 2 percent, and she made it clear that it wasn’t indefinite.

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