Richie Giese Social Repose Controversy. Is Richie a serial cheater to Jaclyn Glenn?

social repose controversy

Richie Giese, a native of Cabin John, Maryland, launched his YouTube account, Social Repose, in April 2011 and began uploading his own music. Following that, he began to release cover songs, vlogs, comedy routines, and other forms of content.
On YouTube, the entertainment channel Social Repose has 1.01 million followers.

Social Repose’s Albums

1. The Garden of Eden (2011)
2. The Same Old Thing (2011)
3. The Contemporary Era (2012)
4. The Machine That Discovered Love (2012)

social repose controversy

5. Irresponsible Closure (2013)
Crazy Manic Love, No. 6 (2014)
7. Please, just let me go (2014)
8. Covers (nine) (2015)
9. Yalta(2015)
10. Empress (2017)
11. Catastrophe (2020)

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Controversy over Social Repose

He’s gotten a lot of flak for cheating on JaclynGlenn and how he handled the situation, particularly how Jaclyn was allegedly “warned,” and how he focused less on apologizing to Jaclyn and more on how the situation is public and will affect his channel and upcoming content, as evidenced by him “watching his channel die.”

He has taken advantage of his celebrity to enable intercourse with other individuals. He fits the description of a serial cheater perfectly. To keep toxic relationships going, he has employed manipulative approaches with women. His YouTube channel is currently seeing a decline in popularity and increasing infamy.

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Social Repose and Jaclyn Glenn in Relationship or not?

Richie Giese (@socialrepose & @JaclynGlenn) - they are so cute! Instagram: “” | Instagram, Hair styles, Beauty

In 2016, she met Electronic dance-pop singer Social Repose (also known as Richie Giese). In Las Vegas, Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose exchanged vows. In November 2016, Jaclyn Glenn Social Repose posted a video of their wedding. The partnership between Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose ended in 2017.

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What is the Net Worth of Social Repose?

Social Repose’s net worth is believed to be at $100,000.The finalized net worth of Social Repose is not publicly available, however, estimates it to be around $100,000.

However, that calculation only takes into account one source of income. Social Repose’s net worth could be in the millions of dollars. In reality, some sources estimate that Social Repose’s net worth is closer to $250 thousand when extra income streams like a YouTube channel are factored in.

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