Soon After Charging for The Use of Omugwo, Rita Daniels Proudly Displays “My Tiny Me,” Regina Daniels!

Rita Daniels flaunts Regina Daniels, dubbed “my little me,” just hours after charging for omugwo,

On Instagram, a gorgeous picture of Nollywood actress Rita Daniels and her daughter and colleague, Regina Daniels, has been attracting a lot of attention and positive feedback.

With her daughter by her side, Rita Daniels posted a picture of herself and her daughter to Instagram.
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To prove to the world that her kid truly is who she says she is, she used a wonderful word as the picture’s description.

When it comes to friends, Rita Daniels says they are people that accept you as you are and gently allow for growth.

she wrote: ‘Me and my mini-me’

When you have a buddy, he or she accepts you exactly as you are, understands where you came from, and allows you to grow.”

The Mama Moon and Grand Mama Moon are posing for a picture in a mirror. sweezzy1

This is ifunanyaigwe’s list of lookalikes.

Ezeugwa, the queen mother of China

Looking good is an excellent business, ma’am. judithchiamaka1

ladyfadera: Actually, the two of you don’t appear like mother and daughter at all, but more like sisters. From the bottom of my heart, I send you my love.
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Gambia’s gina and mother

It was previously reported that Regina Daniels expressed concern about her mother’s expenses for omugwo services.

The mother-of-two, who gave birth to her second child on the 29th of June 2022, the same day as her first son, posted a video online of her mother counting foreign currency.

Regina Daniels made a light-hearted statement about her mother’s habit of billing her for omugwo fees in a video she posted on YouTube.

She wrote: My mother has been tasking me with omugwo ooo.

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