Southern Charm Season 8 Cast, Filming, Relationship & Other Latest Updates

Southern Charm Season 8 Cast & Other Updates

In Season 8, the Southern Charm cast will have a fresh dynamic with the return of a familiar figure and the introduction of a few new characters.

Since its inception in 2014, the Bravo series has captivated viewers with its depiction of Charleston, South Carolina and the outlandish behavior of some of the city’s people.

Only Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover remain from season 7 after Cameran Eubanks decided to leave the series. Thomas Ravenel, who was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault charges in 2018, also departed the program.

After losing several big names, Southern Charm has maintained its high level of drama thanks to the inclusion of Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy. Fans also met John Pringle and Cameran’s best friend Leva Bonaparte in the previous season.

Season 8’s stars, on the other hand, have hinted at further change to come

By the end of 2020, Craig and Austen’s friendship with Kristin Cavallari was making headlines, and the lawyer informed Us Weekly exclusively that Cavallari may appear on the reality show.

Please welcome back our venerable forebears! Season 8 of Southern Charm will feature a new cast member as well as a return of a previous cast member.

Southern Charm Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Spoilers and All You Need Know!

Since its inception in 2014, the Bravo series has captivated viewers with its depiction of Charleston, South Carolina and the outlandish antics of some of the city’s citizens.

Only Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover remain from season 7 when Cameran Eubanks stepped away from the show. Following his 2018 arrest and plea deal for assault charges, Thomas Ravenel also left the show.

Because of Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy joining the cast, the tension on Southern Charm has remained strong despite some major departures. Fans also met John Pringle and Cameran’s best friend Leva Bonaparte in the previous season.

‘It’s not ruled out at all,’ Craig remarked in April 2021. I’ll go if [she and Justin Anderson, her BFF] are there. Some of our friends from the past six months are likely to show up, which will be a lot of fun. ”

Us reports that the former Laguna Beach star has no intentions to appear in the film.

That month, Cavallari told Us exclusively: “I can confidently say I’m never going to do Southern Charm.” “I’m in love with Craig.” Honestly, I’m stumped. I’m not sure what he was trying to convey when he said that.”

Craig DeSorbo’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, and some of his Winter House co-stars may appear in an episode or two, though the Hills alum isn’t planning another Charleston visit just yet.

Southern Charm': Craig Conover Teases 'Wild' and 'Old-School Classic' Season 8

Craig hinted about a Southern Charm crossover in an interview with Us magazine in October 2021, saying, “Bravo is kind of the new Marvel world with everyone becoming pals.” “I think the next few months are going to be incredibly exciting for everyone who enjoys it,” says one fan.

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See all we know about the eighth season of Southern Charm below:

Cast of Southern Charm Season 8

Several of the show’s original cast members are returning, including Shep, Kathryn, and Craig. Austen and Madison from Season 4 are returning, as well as newcomers John and Leva from Season 7.

There is a Naomie Olindo on the scene!

Southern Charm' Star Naomie Olindo Explains Real Reason She Left Bravo Series After Season 6

Despite her departure in 2020 following season 6, Us revealed in September 2021 that Naomie will appear on occasion throughout this season. An insider close to production tells Us exclusively: “The expectation is Naomie will be in the program, but not as a full-time cast member.” “On the program, she’s more of a friend than anything else.”

Is Paige DeSorbo Going to Show Up?

“I’m in a relationship with a Southern Charm cast member.” Paige tells Us in October 2021 that she and Craig will “probably” appear in public, but “we’ll see.” “I’ve never met anyone as polite to me as the people that Craig goes around with. “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the people here.”

Drama in the ‘Winter House’?

Men’s drama from the spinoff series, which Craig worked on with Austen in February of 2021, may carry over to season 8 of the Charleston-based show.

“It’s fun because you have Winter House, Summer House, and Southern Charm. In October 2021, the founder of Sewing Down South exclusively told Us, “It’s a little scary, but I’m also extremely pleased to be returning. “Winter House’s dynamics will carry over into this summer and who knows what will happen there?”

Updates on Cast’s Relationship

Southern Charm': Naomie Olindo Teases Visible Chemistry With Craig Conover for Season 8

According to Us, Naomie, who was once romantically linked to Craig, broke up with her long-term boyfriend Metul Shah in July of that year following a three-year relationship.

In October 2021, Madison Randle, Austen’s ex-girlfriend, announced that she was engaged to Brett Randle after dating for seven months.

Beginning of the Filming Process

In October 2021, Craig and Austen stated that the new season of Winter House would be filmed in Charleston. In order to stay in town for the shoot, they skipped the premiere party for the spinoff series.

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Cast Having Fun

Southern Charm' Season 8: Everything We Know

Friends have joined our group of friends this season, and we’re just getting started with it. In October 2021, after the group had been filming for three weeks, Austen told Decider, “We’ve had a few of meet-ups and nothing really dramatic, I don’t think.” In my absence, I don’t know what everyone else is filming, but I assume we’re also attempting to keep it a little more lighthearted than last year. There were a lot of fights last year, which was ominous and heavy.”

Several actors engaged in lighthearted banter before shooting began, according to the presenter of the podcast “Pillows and Beer.” You know what? We wanted to have a little fun.'” ‘Can we be friends?’ I mean, we’re already friends and everyone wants to see us as such. “And I think a lot of people have that perspective,” he said, noting that viewers should expect to see his beer journey continue in season 8.

Involvement of Naomie and Craig

Watch Craig Conover Teases the Upcoming Season of Southern Charm | Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Season 19 - Episode 53 Video

Craig opened out to Andy Cohen about how his ex-girlfriend is handling the fallout from her nasty divorce from Metul in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in October 2021.

As far as I can tell, she’s been doing well. She seems relieved in a strange sense, he concluded. Things happen for a reason, and she’s glad to be back in Charleston.” I don’t believe she was content in her relationship. But I think she’s just relieved to be back in control of her own destiny. ”

Austen was asked the following night on WWHL if Craig and Naomie have had “sparks” since she returned to Charleston. This is being covered on Southern Charm, and we’re filming right now, so I’m not going to say anything about it, he said.

Filming Ends

In December 2021, Leva posted a snapshot to her Instagram Story indicating the completion of season 8 filming following a winter wrap party. After the party, the restaurateur unfollowed Kathryn, Craig, Austen, Madison, Venita Aspen, and Paige, which caused quite a commotion on social media.

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After-Filming Tease from Craig

Southern Charm': Naomie Olindo Teases Visible Chemistry With Craig Conover for Season 8

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen guest appearance in March 2022, Craig vowed that season 8 would be as exciting as the first several seasons. “I’m quite enthusiastic about Naomie’s comeback,” he said, referring to his ex-girlfriend.

All the people she needed to apologize to she did. Everything that everyone wanted her to say to me, she uttered. And it’s even better. She apologized profusely. Then he added, “I was honest about it.” “I think people will like this season because it pulls it all together.”

How  Many Seasons Will Be There In Season 8?

In March 2022, Austen stated that there would be 16 episodes this season. During a stop on his and Craig’s podcast tour, he said, “Lots of drama ahead.” A “long season” is what they are referring about.

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