Space Shelter: a game to increase cybersecurity

Euroconsumers and Google created Space Shelter, a new online game that aims to make consumers aware of cybersecurity issues and transmit more responsible behavior when browsing online.

The initiative comes within the framework of the European Union’s cybersecurity month, which begins today. Google and Euroconsumers, with their local counterparts in Portugal (DECO PROTESTE), Italy (Altroconsumo), Spain (OCU) and Belgium (Test-Achats), have teamed up to create the online game “Space Shelter”.

The game “Space Shelter” turns knowledge about online security into an adventure, with simple graphics, design and quality sound. Players will be able to select an avatar chosen from a set of characters, then go through a series of five mini-games before finally reaching their destination: the Space Shelter.

At the same time, it will be possible to discover the elements that make an Internet account secure, from the use of a password manager to the understanding of multi-character authentication, as well as various consumer privacy settings. are available. The aim of this new game is to help people of all ages to test their knowledge and learn new tricks, just by having a normal/basic internet connection.

Space Shelter: Make a difference through the game

The launch of Space Shelter is the beginning of this partnership, but not the end: Google will make a contribution to support TechSoup, a non-profit organization that helps non-profit organizations and charities and libraries, allowing access to donations and discounts on software, hardware and services. TechSoup will run a series of nine training sessions on topics related to privacy and security for NGOs in all countries where this project will be launched, with the goal of reaching up to 3.10 NGO’s.

The launch of “Space Shelter” will also have the support of 000 YouTubers from the four countries who, like real astronauts, will receive a survival kit and training an authority on the subject: Paolo Nespoli, former astronaut, science communicator and trainer. So, as Internet security aspirants, they will promote the game to a wider group of consumers.

“Technology must improve lives”

    We are happy to unite our strengths and travel into space with such a partner. amazing as the Euroconsumers group. Google believes technology should improve life, not distract it, which is why we’re partnering with civil society and gaming experts to help build healthy digital habits and make the online world safer.” – Karen Massin, Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy, European Institutions, Google.

    “Space Shelter makes learning about cybersecurity more accessible and even fun”, refers to Marco Scialdone, Head of Litigation & Academic Outreach, Euroconsumers. “By raising awareness about cybersecurity through initiatives such as

    Space Shelter, consumers will feel able to benefit more from the enormous opportunities presented by technology.”

      Space Shelter: um jogo para aumentar cibersegurança

      Space Shelter is another fruitful product of the strategic partnership between Euroconsumers and Google. The Internet offers great potential to improve lives – but only if it is safe to use. This is why Euroconsumers has teamed up with Google to make the Internet a safer place for everyone, with a particular focus on digital well-being, family safety and online privacy. The partnership between Euroconsumers and Google aims to achieve these goals, empowering consumers with knowledge, tools and programs, such as Space Shelter.”

      “As technology becomes more and more an integral part of everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from the things that matter most to us. We are therefore committed to providing all the tools consumers need to develop their digital knowledge. That’s why we are actively working to bring projects like this to different countries.”

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