Spotify Pie is the Latest Viral Website that Analyzes Your Spotify Data

Users of social media are always willing to share the music they’ve been listening to if there is one thing we can say about them. But since Spotify Wrapped, the most well-known music-sharing event, is still six months away, they’ve resorted to a brand-new website called “Spotify Pie.”

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

spotify pie

In order to create a highly shareable pie chart of all the genres you’ve listened to in the past month, Spotify Pie analyzes your Spotify usage. The website offers your top musicians of the month underneath the eye-catching chart in addition to your most-listened-to genres. Darren Huang, a UCLA undergraduate, designed the website, which has the amusing motto “Bake your monthly genre pie.”

Spotify Pie makes use of the way that Spotify classifies each music into narrowly defined genres. My slice of the pie included everything from “boyband” to “deep underground hip hop.”

Twitter users have been sharing their pies like there’s no tomorrow, praising others’ favorite musicians and pointing out their own unusual genres.

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How to Get Your Spotify Pie

If granting Spotify Pie access to your Spotify data is not something you feel comfortable with, don’t use Spotify Pie.

How to utilize Spotify Pie if you’re okay with exposing your data: Visit the website, sign into your Spotify account, and choose the option to let the website share your data. And there it is—your large pizza pie!