Squid Game: Netflix has big surprise for millions of fans!

Netflix continues to present itself as the most popular streaming service today, especially since its last major global phenomenon, Squid Game. Earlier this year, the streaming giant revealed that it had plans to venture into the world of videogames, betting on the launch of its most popular titles.

At first there was talk of launching a game based in the Stranger Things series, and now it’s time for the Squid Game to emerge as a possibility for a new game.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, one of the Vice Presidents of Netflix (Asia Pacific) addressed the possibility of turning the popular series into a video game. For any fan who has already completed the first season of Squid Game, the probability of a second season being produced is very high.

Minyoung Kim himself confirmed that they are studying the situation, but considering the situation. Squid Game’s explosive success, this decision seems to be a no-brainer.

Squid Game Netflix

Netflix staff asks Squid Game to become a game

Kim advances even though the requests to turn Squid Game into a game are more than many. Interestingly, it appears that many of them come directly from the Netflix staff. So far, there are many divisions of the streaming company that have formalized requests for the Squid Game game to move into a development phase.

Without giving concrete information about a potential timeline, Minyoung confirmed that his team is studying all the possibilities to get the most out of the Squid Game series and improve the whole experience for the users. Among the various options on the table is the development of a game.

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