Starstruck Season 2: We Have Exciting Information About Release Date!

Season 2 of Starstruck will follow Jessie (Rose Matafeo) as she struggles with the consequences of her one-night stand with Hollywood star Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel), which has completely turned her life upside down.

Throughout season one, Jessie and Tom can’t seem to stay away from one other, and despite their extremely different backgrounds and circumstances, they form a relationship.

The inaugural season of Starstruck debuts on New Year’s Eve and runs through Christmas, enabling fans to follow along as this odd couple’s year unfolds.

“The first season of Starstruck was a breath of fresh air,” Shane Allen, BBC Director of Comedy, said ahead of the Season 2 launch, “and we can’t wait to see what Rose, Alice, and Nic have in store for Jessie and Tom in the second chapter of their adventure.” Here’s what we know right now.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck Season 2

The film Starstruck Season 2 will be released on 17, October 2022. To begin, the majority of HBO’s Starstruck season two filming began in New Zealand. Furthermore, the series will be shot in Toronto, Canada.

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Furthermore, fans have high hopes for season two; the previous season’s plot surprises, as well as the cast and production quality, all contributed to HBO renewing the series.

We’ll update this page as soon as the producers make an official announcement about the release date of the second season.
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Starstruck Plot

On New Year’s Eve, two girls smoke outside a club before entering. The one is begging the other to come in and enjoy themselves.

Jessie (Rose Matafeo) dislikes the “forced good time” attitude of New Year’s Eve, but her roommate and best friend Kate (Emma Sidi) is excited to go into the club and meet some men.

She does just that, engaging in a lengthy and inebriated conversation about Bitcoin with a man. Jessie rushes to the bathroom, having had enough of the boredom and being overflowing with booze.

To avoid waiting in line for the women, she goes to the men’s bathroom. She thinks she’s alone until a lovely man called Tom (Nikesh Patel) walks in and their connection is obvious right away.

Then there’s the possibility to meet up at a bar. He looks like a previous colleague to her. Due to their strong bond, they passionately out throughout the taxi trip back to his place. She asks for his permission to have sex while lying on top of him.

The following morning, as she makes her way downstairs, she spots Tom’s face on a movie poster. He is revealed to be action film star Tom Kapoor, of whom she was completely ignorant that night, despite her work in the theatre. She is taken aback at first, but the two of them soon engage in sexual activity once again.

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When she gets home, she largely sees it as a lovely tale to tell Kate. However, as she walks out of the theatre, she runs into Tom, who is there to return a charger that isn’t even hers.

They arrive at his house and quickly find that the first night was not a wild party.

As a consequence, he invites her out; the following morning, she rummages through his nightstand and discovers images of Tom with what seems to be a lover, compelling her to flee his apartment.

The paparazzi take a quick snapshot of her before learning she’s the cleaning woman.

Starstruck Season 2 Expected Storyline

The narrative of Starstruck Season 2 is still unclear. Several other storylines, on the other hand, should include the characters presented in season one.

The second season will follow Jessie on her quest to identify her own identity and place in the world while being true to her family.

In addition, Jessie, a New Zealand-born want tobe actor, stars in the television comedy series Starstruck. With its appealing millennial jokes, humor, and puns, this show will captivate you.

The story follows her as she tries to become a Hollywood star with the help of family and acquaintances who are as weird and dysfunctional as she is. Jessie was the main character in the first season of Starstruck.

She lives in London, but her flat is too expensive. Jessie works two jobs to supplement her income, but she strikes it rich when something wonderful occurs. During a single evening, someone meets and falls in love with a celebrity.

The first season’s narrative was praised by critics, who called it a “hot, crazy New Zealander version of NBC’s 30 Rock.
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