State of Decay 3 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

state of decay 3 release date

While the global zombie craze isn’t as powerful as it once was, we’re still in for some major undead action in the near future. Undead Labs is now working on the third part of its State of Decay series, which will certainly pit a diverse cast of survivors against hordes of wandering undead as they try to make a home in a terrifying environment.

So far, each game in the series has incorporated elements of action-adventure, survival horror, stealth, role-playing, and strategy into an exciting civilization-rebuilding, zombie-decapitating experience.

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We don’t know much about the State of Decay 3, but we’ve been exploring the wasteland for anything we can find. Here’s all we know thus far about State of Decay 3.

When Will It Be Available?

28 April 2022

While fans wait for another update, it’s unclear how Undead Labs is proceeding with development. We first heard about State Of Decay 3 during the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020, but we haven’t heard much since.

However, we can be a little more certain of the platforms it will come on. Because Microsoft Studios now owns the developer, it’s almost certain that it’ll only be available on Xbox and PC.

We also expect the game to be available on Game Pass on release day, providing another reason to subscribe to Microsoft’s fantastic subscription program.


state of decay 3 release date

Xbox Game Studios will publish State of Decay 3, which will be available on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. The game is unlikely to be released while new games for last-gen consoles are still being released.

Gameplay and Plot in State of Decay 3

While the only trailer we have for the game is purely CGI, it does provide some insight into what the game may contain when it is released.

For one thing, it implies that we’ll once again have to rely on scavenging and hunting for food to survive, while the chilly weather depicted heavily suggests that warming and shelter mechanics could enter the game.

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The trailer’s prominent (and terrifying) zombified deer also gives us optimism that there will be more wildlife to worry about, both infected and non-infected. PC Gaming Week (May 9-13) is sponsored by Nvidia GeForce RTX. Whether you’re a seasoned PC gamer or a complete novice, we’ve got you covered!

state of decay 3 release date

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Class 3 was the initial title for State of Decay, which was announced in 2011 as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. Eff Strain, the co-creator of World of Warcraft and the founder of ArenaNet, envisioned a game where players could build up their own zombie survival strategies and put them to the test. Then he began work on the game, which is powered by CryEngine 3.

State of Decay has completed the final certification process and is now available for testing by the game’s publisher, Microsoft Studios, according to Undead Labs. State of Decay was intended to be a precursor to Undead Labs’ full-fledged online console game, Class4. Class4 will be one of the first zombie MMOs to be released on the Xbox One.

State of Decay had officially become a franchise, according to Undead Labs creator Jeff Strain, who also confirmed the company’s connection with Microsoft Studios in a 2014 interview. The first State of Decay, he said, was “only the beginning of (Undead Labs’) long-term objectives.”

Trailer for State of Decay 3

The only significant piece of public information about the new State of Decay arrived in mid-2020 when we received the pre-rendered video you see below.

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It’s a short, moody piece that well conveys the tone that the game is likely to be going for with a smart reversal of what you’d expect to see when hunting.

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