How To Stay Healthy And Motivated While Working From Home?

How To Stay Healthy And Motivated While Working From Home

30-Second Summary

  • It is easy to forget about your health while working from home. You can spend hours on hours trying to hit the deadlines and forget about having a healthy diet plan and exercising.
  •  If you have kids, you can forget to set boundaries and schedule some ‘you’ time. And when you finally reach off-hours, it can be extremely tempting to sink into hibernation mode and get hooked to the latest Netflix series.
  •  Scheduling some workout sessions, maintaining a work-life balance, keeping your daily routine, and consuming healthy foods, can help you stay healthy when working from home and be productive.


For over 30 million Americans, clearing projects and work deadlines do not require heading out the door – just sitting on your couch or at your home office. While working from home offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, it can present numerous WFH WTH (work from home, what the heck) issues, especially when it comes to productivity and health.

For instance, imagine you just completed an Excel project that took hours, and now your brain feels overworked and exhausted. Would you get up and stretch, maybe go for a walk? Or would you decide to catch up on your favorite true-crime series, grab a bag of your favorite chips and a Fanta, and while away the evening?

And let us not get into the endless distractions. Do you remember when Professor Robert E.Kelly suddenly became ‘BBC Dad’ after his kids playfully crashed a Live Skype interview he was having with BBC News? How could you have handled that situation if it had happened to you? The challenges are numerous. But luckily, there are several ways you can lead a healthy lifestyle when working from home. Below are some but a few:

5 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home:

From advice and tips to help you maintain your workflow to foods and products that can help you get the job done, here are some tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle while working from home:

Keep Your Regular Routine

To be as productive as you’d be at the office, you need to maintain a healthy routine – or your daily routine. Get up simultaneously, do your morning meditation or skincare regimen, brush your teeth and make some coffee or tea to get you going. And get out of your pajamas and into your work or semi-casual attire (jeans and t-shirts are okay), for God’s sake.

It can be tempting to fall into the chill mode routine while WFH, but you need to follow a solid routine if you want to check out all your projects and lead a healthy lifestyle. And remember, being productive and staying healthy when working from home also extends to your work environment. Give your home office a quick scan – is it dark or naturally lit? Is your desk clean or cluttered? Are the temperatures favorable?

These circumstances will affect your mental and physical health, so set up a dedicated workspace. You should also ensure you raise the blinds, get a boost of vitamin D and invest in plants to boost mood and a host of other health benefits.

Schedule Regular Exercises

Working out offers physical and psychological benefits – it can help enhance your mood, increase lean muscle mass and promote overall wellbeing. Therefore, when working from home, ensure to take a brisk walk, sign up for a fitness class or schedule an app.

Aside from scheduling exercise sessions, you should also incorporate physical activity into your workday. You can do so by pacing during work calls or doing a few pushups, squats, or lunges at your workstation. When possible, use a standing desk instead of a sitting desk to help avoid extended periods of physical activity.

Consume Healthy Foods & Stay Hydrated

According to a study published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a healthy diet includes nutritious foods like fruits, low-fat dairy products, veggies, and whole grains.

The NHLBI suggests that a healthy diet plan may also include beans, eggs, fish, nuts, and poultry while limiting foods high in sugar and salt. It also limits foods saturated in fat like red meat and trans fats such as processed foods.

You should also avoid skipping any meals, including breakfast or lunch. Individuals with few distractions at home might find that they are more aware of their hunger than work. Such people can keep healthy snacks and fruits on hand and avoid snacking on Cheetos or chips.

Water should also be part of your routine. Staying hydrated supports immunity and inadvertently promotes movement in the form of bathroom breaks foods, such as cucumbers, melons, and zucchinis, which double as healthy snacks, and hydrating foods.

And to boost your cognitive function, be sure to invest in dietary supplements like Neuriva. The product uses all-natural ingredients to enhance mental clarity, improve brain power, and promote alertness.

Maintain A Sufficient Work-Life Balance

When working from home, the lines between tasks and home life can be blurred. For that reason, you need to schedule work and home life. It would be best if you also incorporated some time boundaries – 2hours working, a 20-minute break, etc. You should also set some time for walking around, lunch, and maybe some afternoon tea. Research also suggests practicing mindfulness to help boost productivity and promote overall health.

Set Boundaries

When you do not have a distinct end to a workday, like commuting back home or having dinner with friends, it can be tempting to overextend your hours, increasing the time you spend deskbound. It is crucial for your mental and physical health to always set boundaries in the evening or after your WFH hours.

You can try reaching out to your co-workers and clients and let them know you will not be replying to emails and calls past a particular hour. Time away from your PC or phone will also help minimize blue-light exposure, promoting better quality sleep.

The Bottom Line

Working from home can be exciting and flexible. However, it can hurt your overall health and productivity. To help prevent you from getting sick or becoming a hermit/sloth, you need to subscribe to a healthy diet plan, exercise regularly, and set boundaries. You might also want to invest in dietary supplements like Neuriva.

Now that you are armed with these tips, be sure to implement them, and your health will thank you. If you have more tips, kindly share them in the comment section below.




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