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Successor to MrPiracy and Wareztuga is frustrating users

For many years Wareztuga was the platform of choice for the Portuguese to consume series and movies online, having been eventually replaced by MrParicy. MrPiracy was in operation until about two weeks ago, when they announced the end of the project.

However, they promptly announced that there was already a project prepared to replace them in this market, called poor. TV. The most interesting thing is that, in addition to having announced their replacement, they confirmed that they would move their entire library to the new site, as well as all registered user accounts.

This way, users from MrPiracy were guaranteed that their account details would “float” to the new Pobre.tv, even their premium status acquired through donations.

Pobre.tv MrPiracy Wareztuga

However, not everything runs smoothly.

O successor to MrPiracy

—Poor.tv—is having great difficulties

The site Pobre.tv was put online a few days after the closure of its predecessor, with the main objective of “unraveling” Portuguese users, so that they would not be left without access to their favorite series and movies. However, the quality of the service has been far below expectations.

In its early days, it was practically impossible to open the site, let alone be able to watch any content. Most likely, the volume of traffic was simply too much for the capabilities of the user server.

Currently, it is possible to feel considerable progress in the quality of the service offered, as well as its stability. However, there are many users who continue to show some frustration due to the drop in quality of the site at the end of the day. At this point, the site receives more hits, failing to maintain an optimal functioning.

These difficulties were already expected by the team at Pobre.tv, who alerted users early on that they had started its activity much earlier than expected. Most likely, they decided to risk an early release to take advantage of the void left by MrPiracy, gaining much more exposure.

The new platform team makes a promise that in a few weeks everything should be working perfectly , as well as the launch of applications for different platforms. Considering the great evolution since it was released online, it seems like a promise that will eventually be fulfilled without problems.

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