”Summer House”: Lindsay Accuses Carl of ‘Just’ Caring About How He Is ‘Being Perceived’ in Fight with Danielle

Despite their violent altercation on Monday’s Summer House, Carl Radke ended the program by going shopping for Lindsay Hubbard’s prospective engagement ring.

Due to her ongoing fight with Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, and Lindsay Hubbard got into it on Monday night’s episode of Summer House.

The salesperson briefed Lindsay on his talk with Carl after they had discussed Danielle’s sentiments regarding his and Lindsay’s relationship. However, this only seemed to incite a conflict between the couple.

On Monday’s show, Carl, 38, said to Lindsay, 36, “I just want you to know I felt good about the chat. I released a lot of stuff. She doesn’t have a problem with me being in a relationship with you, I wanted to hear from her.

“I’m happy to see you making progress. She won’t move further with me for whatever reason,” Lindsay retorted.

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''Summer House'': Lindsay accuses Carl of 'just' caring about how he is 'being perceived' in fight with Danielle.

Carl insisted that Lindsay will “be able to” continue their relationship with Danielle at this point. Lindsay, however, disagreed and said, “For some reason, it’s all my fault.”

“Never think that way. You two are pals,” Carl remarked. Lindsay made a joke, “Carl, I thought you were gonna actually like, have an opinion,” to which Carl responded by defending himself. “I do, and I told her that I want her to be supportive of our relationship because we’re very happy and in love.”

Carl heard Lindsay speak to him again: “I thought you were gonna actually like, have an opinion.” “I did. Carl retorted, “You’re not even giving me an opportunity to express my opinion.

How did you feel about it? Lindsay then returned to Carl’s talk with Danielle, 34. Carl added, “She informed me she doesn’t have a problem with me and you and our connection.

So you feel happy that she doesn’t have a problem, Lindsay continued. So you don’t care if she has a problem with me? The entire situation is my fault. Because “everything I say is wrong,” Carl insisted, he was “not going to get into this right now.”

Of course, Lindsay muttered under her breath, “defensive.” “I don’t take a stand. The one who is defensive is you, Carl said.

“You only care about how you are perceived in this entire situation,” Lindsay added. You don’t care about me because you would understand if you really care about me in this whole circumstance.

Carl insisted vehemently that this was “not true” and that Lindsay’s claim that he didn’t care was “so ridiculous.”

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''Summer House'': Lindsay accuses Carl of 'just' caring about how he is 'being perceived' in fight with Danielle.

I do care about you in this circumstance, he continued. She was someone I needed to talk to because we hadn’t spoken before. And I needed confirmation from her that our relationship and I are not her problems.

“With you,” Lindsay affirmed. She still has a problem with me now that she knows you don’t care, and you don’t give an f— that she does.

The pair kept arguing back and forth about how they felt about the circumstance, with Carl referring to Lindsay as “difficult.” Lindsay noted that Carl “always gets so mad” as they put the argument to bed.

Carl, however, objected, saying, “It’s difficult to have a dialogue with you… putting me in a position where everything I’m going to say is wrong… that’s not fair. Therefore, I don’t want to continue on this [road].”

That’s on you, then, okay. Don’t blame me for that, Lindsay said. She finally questioned, “Why can’t you just have a normal f—ing conversation?” after a further argument.

“You’re not handling it normally,” Carl remarked. “I expressed my feelings. I felt better after our conversation about it. She assured me that she has no problem with you, me, or our connection.

She doesn’t necessarily even have a problem with you, he said of Danielle. She simply wishes things were a little bit different because of how things have changed. You’re placing the entire burden of this on me.

I’m not holding it against you. Lindsay exclaimed, “I’m asking you to be an f—ing partner to me.

“I am being a partner to you, and being a partner is telling you that you need to have a conversation with her,” he answered.

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''Summer House'': Lindsay accuses Carl of 'just' caring about how he is 'being perceived' in fight with Danielle.

Lindsay said, “I’ve had three!” while raising her voice. You were an f—ing piece of sh-t to my girlfriend, my boyfriend should say. Go apologies right away.

Carl yelled at her, “No, stop being so disrespectful. “You entered through the door looking for a battle. Please try to smile tonight.

“I’ll be pleased when you can comprehend that this is yet another instance of my fault. She insisted, “You have nothing to do with this.

Carl and Lindsay continued to argue while discussing the same topics they had already covered, which prompted Carl to say to Lindsay concerning Danielle, “That’s something you need to work out. Do you desire friendship? The decision is yours.

“Great, OK. I’m happy to see that you are a nice friend. I’m still not doing well, Lindsay said. I’m delighted you’re feeling better. However, I continue to feel worse because I constantly take the blame although it is obvious that you did not assist that individual.

Then, Carl remarked mockingly, “Yep, I’m a bad person and I f—ed it all up,” to which Lindsay responded, “Oh, pity party. You crave pity parties constantly.

Lindsay questioned Carl, “Has it ever occurred to you that I have f—ing feelings?” despite the fact that he had indicated he was going to bed. Carl got up from the bed as a result of that. He later returned, though Lindsay persisted in whining that “it’s all about” Carl.

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The following day, Carl admitted in front of the cameras that he had been finding it difficult to maneuver because Lindsay had been drinking. I am aware of what it feels like to consume seven or eight drinks before everything goes awry and you start to feel furious or unhappy. At that time, 90% of my life’s terrible events occurred.

But when they finally met up in the morning, everything appeared to be well between the two. Later in the episode, Carl entered the city to acquire Lindsay’s upcoming engagement ring, which was a valuable piece of jewelry.

In a confessional, he remarked, “Everything that has transpired has brought me to this point this summer. Everyone pays attention to that inner voice.

Lindsay, I’m shouting in a small voice. There is a tiny bit of fear deep within, but that is quite normal. I just can’t hold back anymore. I’ll have to perform it while kneeling down.

Following through on his promise to Lindsay, Carl eventually pops the question, as hinted in the trailers for the upcoming episode of the Bravo series.