Danielle Ices Lindsay out Of Summer Home for A Week After a Major Argument and Digs that Lindsay Is Living in Her “Shadow”

While Danielle was “down” with being the “supporting character” in her best friend’s life, Lindsay believed that if Lindsay and Carl are content together, “nothing else should matter” to Danielle. Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard’s friendship appears to be fading away.

The Summer House episode that aired on Monday continued the dispute that Lindsay, 36, and Danielle, 34, had last week concerning the former’s decision to limit her alcohol consumption for her partner Carl Radke despite wanting to drink more.

Lindsay said to the businesswoman, “Danielle, you’re usually harsh on me and you’ve been getting hard on me.”I’m sorry, but your best friend shouldn’t be your best friend if she isn’t being honest with you, Danielle said.

There is a difference between being tough on me and encouraging me to be a better person, Lindsay said. Lindsay said, “That’s a different circumstance,” to Danielle’s admission that she was pressuring her to be a better friend to her.

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'Summer House' : Danielle Ices Out Lindsay for a Week After Huge Fight and Digs That She's Living in Her 'Shadow'

There are compromises that come with being in a relationship, and I believe I’m just doing the best I can to support Carl while still being here to have fun like I do every other summer, Lindsay said in a confessional.

Lindsay said, “Danielle is in a relationship that she kind of functions socially as if she’s single because, unfortunately, her partner is nowhere to be seen,” in a light-hearted jab at Danielle’s union with Robert Sieber.

Is this the first time you’ve heard this from her? newbie Gabby Prescod questioned Lindsay during their ladies’ night out supper.

Ladies’ night didn’t go as planned for Lindsay, who added, “I was just really expecting for like a wonderful bonding time with all the girls. Yes, in a group environment.”

Danielle then attempted to leave the topic out of frustration, saying over Lindsay, “Let’s have a nice time. We’ll talk about it another f—-ing time then.”

After the major blowout, Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula checked in with Danielle at home, and the fashion influencer even praised the businesswoman.

Paige, 30, said, “I feel like [Lindsay] almost doesn’t let [you] shine. Danielle, it’s so lovely to have your true personality just f—-ing show.” Danielle joked, “Who wants another ‘Paige is right?’ No one!” yet despite Paige’s ecstatic praise, she said, “I’m just so heartbroken right now.”

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'Summer House' : Danielle Ices Out Lindsay for a Week After Huge Fight and Digs That She's Living in Her 'Shadow'

The horrible part is I think Lindsay knows it too, Danielle added once the females had stopped laughing. Amanda, 30, questioned her, “Does she lessen your shine?” Oh, I suppose in a lot of ways, Danielle retorted. Paige then completed her thought for her, “She takes you for granted a little?”

Danielle said, “I’m always going to have her back.” Amanda said to Danielle, “But also you’re like, the background, like the supporting role to her. That’s how you are in your relationship.

Danielle wasn’t offended by that remark, though. She remarked, “I’m like the man in my life, but in my friendships, I’m down for supporting. Indeed, Paige said, “when they need it, not always.”

Danielle said, alluding to Carl, “But since she has another person she doesn’t need it.” Gabby asked Lindsay the following morning whether she had spoken to Danielle yet, but Lindsay said, “I don’t even know if today’s the day to do that.”

Then Gabby voiced her perspective, saying, “I got the impression that she was just concerned about the status of your friendship.” In terms of the other half, Lindsay responded, “I’m happy to take responsibility for half, but why don’t you make a trip into the city and we can hang out?”

She added, referring to Danielle, “I never questioned you when you moved in with your boyfriend after knowing him for two months, and I didn’t question her when she resigned from her corporate job to go pursue her passion.” Why do you constantly question me? Do you not think that I’m a capable, intelligent adult? I’m going to support you no matter what.

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'Summer House' : Danielle Ices Out Lindsay for a Week After Huge Fight and Digs That She's Living in Her 'Shadow'

“She also said yesterday if you’re not harsh on your best friend, then you’re not a best friend,” Samantha Feher, the other female newbie to the home, reflected on the circumstance. “But like, to me what she was saying… wasn’t tough love really. It sounded a little bit accusatory,” Feher recalled.

Samantha said in a confessional, “Who the f—- are we to have an opinion about Lindsay drinking and partying less because she’s trying to support her partner who is battling this extraordinary demon? Lindsay and Danielle need to find a way to service their friendship in other areas. And if your friendship needs alcohol and partying to survive, that says something else about your friendship.”

Danielle said in an interview, “I’ve never left our house feeling like I’m not sure what’s going to happen between Lindsay and me, but I don’t feel sorry for the way things went down. If anything, I’m furious with her and her actions, how she’s treating me, and our relationship, which has long been what I’ve thought of as a sisterhood.

Yet it turns out that Lindsay and Danielle never made up, as a week passed before they spoke politely about new flavors for their housemate Kyle Cooke’s drink company Loverboy.

In a confessional, Danielle said, “This is the first time Lindsey and I have gone a week without speaking to one other.” “I don’t really know what to think about it since it’s never occurred, but I’ve not talked to her about clothing for the weekend.

‘Well, what are you going to wear for Kyle’s 40th?’ Just even tiny stuff.”

Samantha questioned Lindsay, “What concerns her so much about you being happy with Carl?” Lindsay replied that she doesn’t want to “ruffle feathers with Danielle.”

“Danielle did such a wonderful job being my backbone, strength, and support in my past relationship, but now I’m with a person who really makes me happy, and I make him happy, therefore nothing else should matter to you as my best friend,” Lindsay said in an attempt to explain.

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'Summer House' : Danielle Ices Out Lindsay for a Week After Huge Fight and Digs That She's Living in Her 'Shadow'

The ice won’t melt for the best friends, as implied by the season’s teaser, Bravo viewers are aware. During BravoCon 2022 in October, Lindsay acknowledged to Media that she and Danielle had a falling out.

She even revealed to Media the reason she believes their friendship broke down. That was absolutely something that grew over time; there wasn’t just one item that was this evident stake in the ground, according to Linsday. The moment we became engaged was the straw that broke the camel’s back, said the couple.

Olivera, however, told Media that she thinks Lindsay’s failure to put their relationship first caused their breakup. I couldn’t get beyond that, Olivera said, “I think that her bond with Carl was No. 1 and nothing in her mind was going to go past that.” She truly was just not hearing me when I said, “I’m pulling for them for all the happiness in the world.”