Amanda Batula of “Summer House” Doesn’t “Want to Know” She Can’t Have Children with Kyle Cooke: “I’m Not Ready,”

Her housemates wanted Amanda to confirm what she had said, “simply not in the cards right now,” regarding having children with Kyle. Amanda Batula is unsure if she and her husband Kyle Cooke can conceive.

The women hosted a tea party for themselves on Monday’s Summer House episode, during which Amanda discussed her reproductive issues.

The topic of children came up during a game, and newbie Samantha Feher pointed out that since Amanda is the only married woman, she is most likely to become pregnant first.

Kyle, 40, and I spoke for ourselves and said to the group, “We want to start a family. It’s just not going to happen now.”

“Some of you are aware that after the wedding, I stopped using birth control. I’ve been longing to stop using contraception “She went on. “And then my final period was in November.”

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'Summer House' 's Amanda Batula Doesn't 'Want to Know' She Can't Have Kids with Kyle Cooke: 'I'm Not Ready'

Are you worried that your period isn’t coming? Whether Amanda has seen an OB-GYN, Ciara Miller enquired while Paige DeSorbo questioned.

The next step, according to 31-year-old Amanda, is that. “Really, I’m a little anxious to go. It may just be a simple cure, but there is a tinge of “I don’t want to know.”

When you’re young, you assume that all you need to do is get married, have a child, and everything would be OK, said Amanda. “We’re also conditioned to assume that having children is simple,” Samantha said.

I just never imagined I’d be in this position where there’s a chance that it won’t just happen, like instantly and effortlessly and like, “Oopsie,” Amanda concluded.

Later, Amanda said the following in a candid interview: “Kyle and I have not spoken about fertility. I’m not a fan of sharing information with others that might raise their fears or concerns without having the solutions. I know I need to visit a doctor, but perhaps I’m not ready to understand what’s going on. So let’s wait and see.”

Danielle Olivera comforted her after that, “The good news is that you are doing more than simply bringing a kid into the world. You have an entire squad if the news is negative.”

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'Summer House' 's Amanda Batula Doesn't 'Want to Know' She Can't Have Kids with Kyle Cooke: 'I'm Not Ready'

In Season 2 of Winter House, Amanda first voiced her worries about infertility. Ciara and Paige advised her to bring up the subject more on this season of Summer House at the moment.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Amanda said, “I keep a lot of things to myself, but I have two very wonderful friends that encouraged me to dig into things more, talk about it, and open up more.” “People don’t know how prevalent it is to be going through. I’m glad to discuss it because it’s important for other people to know about it.

Amanda also discussed having children with Kyle in a May 2021 interview with PEOPLE after they adopted their two puppies and got married in September 2021.

Amanda praised the creator of the beverage company Loverboy, saying, “It’s so lovely to see him with the pups and fosters, and how much he does care for them.

” “I’m actually more eager than ever to create a family. While I’ve always been prepared, it’s simply so adorable to watch him with them.

Amanda doesn’t consider herself “a planner at all,” in contrast to Lindsay Hubbard, who arrived in season 5 with a timeframe for when she wanted to be married and raise a family.

I’m kind of always ready since I have a family and a future, she remarked. I don’t really make plans in advance.